3D popup birthday cards and birthday wishes

You can send your loved ones 3D popup birthday cards every birthday. It is like a gift filled with loving feelings that you want to send to your loved ones. It can also be a small gift to accompany other gifts to send greetings to the recipient. A birthday greeting card is not only an expression of love, it also shows your care for the recipient. What could be better when that gift has a special and beautiful structure. Surely these 3D popup birthday cards will leave an impression on the recipient’s heart. What kind of wishes do you need to add to your card? Let’s find out with hmgpop!

Some 3D popup birthday cards

3D popup birthday cards shaped like flower pots

Floating flower card template is one of the card templates that people use as greeting cards and send love messages the most. The card is created from simple slices but extremely meticulous and delicate. The receiver will clearly feel the sincerity and respect of the sender.

The flowers on the birthday are a wish from nature. It is also a way to show your sincere love and respect for those you love and help you.

3D popup birthday cards shaped like birthday cake

Cakes and candles are really familiar and indispensable on all birthdays. A card with cake and candles will bring many emotions to the recipient. Just birthday cake, flickering candles and sincere wishes can make the birthday party more meaningful.

3D flower pop-up card

Notes when writing wishes on 3D popup birthday cards

Note the time of writing the card

Here is the date of May. These elements are not necessary, but writing the date on the card will show that you are meticulous and that the card was sent on time. In addition, they also show thoughtfulness and care, especially respect for the recipient. Similar to a letter, put the date in the left corner of the card.

Start using a meaningful greeting

Greeting shows politeness and affection, this is also an important element to create a complete card. Here they also show your attitude and respect for the recipient. And just this little detail is enough for them to see that you are a careful and thoughtful person.


Write your wishes with sincerity

Please use neat words to write your own greetings on a lovely card

meaning to show love for the recipient. And here you can use thank you, wish or recall a memory with your feelings for the recipient.

At the end of the card, save your name or can also be a signature so that the recipient can easily recognize you.

3D popup birthday cards are meaningful cards on birthdays. It can give the recipient many emotions such as surprise, joy and impression. Hurry up and contact us to have the best 3D popup birthday cards!

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