3D popup Zodiac cards – Specific in Libra sign

Libra is one of 12 zodiac signs whose element is air and ruling planet is Venus – Goddess of Love. People born in September 23 – October 22 will have Libra sign.

Some popular, significant characteristics of people whose zodiac sign is Libra is:
– Nice and friendly to everyone they meet.
– Their love is unique and easy to recognize.
– Independent but still likes company and making friends wisely.
– Charming. Idealist. Offer. Expressive. Great kisser.
– Always smile and loves to laugh.
– Funny, and sweet.
– Intellectual. Peacekeepers.
– The most caring person you will ever meet!

Libra is gentle and kind, the most beautiful sign sits in the middle of the horoscope. Libra represents balanced relationships, harmony, justice, and equality.
Libras are usually very sociable and have many friends. They usually have sweet, melodious voices that make them easy to listen to. Libra loves to talk. Charming and elegant, they make people feel important. In the loving way of Venus, people love them and tend to be popular.
Luxury surrounds Libra as they enjoy life’s finest pleasures.
Libras are harmonious, civilized, intelligent, sophisticated, seductive, elegant, creative, witty, balanced, and sociable. Polished and refined, the Zodiac Libra is attractive, harmonious, diplomatic, and relaxed in nature. They oscillate between two extremes.

Famous Libras in the world:
♎Mahatma Gandhi

♎Kate Winslet
♎Serena Williams
♎Sigourney Weaver
♎Matt Damon
♎Hugh Jackman
♎Margaret Thatcher:

Most Libras compromise.
– They are good listeners and loyal and fair in human relationships.
– They are socially inclined and have a strong sense of justice.
– Libra admires beauty in all its forms.

Some cons Libra may have:
Libra can be bitter, tender, mean, indecisive, naive, shallow, and hypocritical.

Libra in love:

Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, rules Libra relationships in equality. They give as much as they can, eat as much as they take, and heal as much as they enjoy healing. They fall in love with love. Their relationship blossoms and radiates harmony. Libra is the sign of partnership and marriage. They have a strong need for love and do not feel complete until they are in a permanent relationship. They are happiest working in a union, true romantics at heart, and flirtatious.

Libra’s compatible signs: Gemini and Aquarius.

Inspired by the design aesthetic of the late 60s and 70s, these vibrant zodiac-themed birthday cards are the perfect addition to any gift! The cards are blank inside, leaving room for sweet birthday messages. Each 3D popup Zodiac cards contain a pale lavender envelope.

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