If you are a kind-hearted person who enjoys sending handmade cards to your family and your friends, handmade cards will be one of the best options for you. Handmade cards not only help you save your budget, develop your creativeness but also can create a gift which includes your honest love that will appreciate the personal touch in these unique cards, which are all made with inexpensive materials you may already have on hand. There are various kinds of cards that you can do by yourself and tons of ways to save. 

Create a Scrapbook Paper Scrap Card

Do you have scrapbook paper left over from past projects? You might find that leftovers from several projects work well together. You’ll need a partial sheet of card stock from a prior project to construct this basic card. To make the handmade card, fold it in half. You can use any extra embellishments on the front of the card if you have them. If not, make a rubber stamp design or write your message with a pen. Decorate the front of the handmade card with pretty scraps and write a nice message inside. This handmade card is completely free to produce because it uses leftover materials.

Make a handmade card with free font 

Fonts might be costly, but you can save money by downloading some free fonts. Try out some unique fonts, such as a free typewriter font or a calligraphy font. Then, on a bright sheet of paper, print your message. By putting a piece of scrapbook paper under your printed message, you may add additional elegance to a plain card. You may distress the edges with a brown rubber stamp to give it a vintage look. This handmade card is cheaper than a dollar to make because all you need is a blank card and some lovely scrapbook paper.

Make a handmade card with origami skills

For those who are skillful and love meticulousness in every detail, using origami in handmade cards will be an extremely reasonable choice. Origami paper with a three-dimensional design meticulously made by the love you put in it will make the recipient feel attracted at first sight. In addition, to make your handmade cards more aesthetic, you can add some lovely shapes such as hearts, stars… DIY origami cards help you save money and are meaningful.

Use a paper bunches

Make some beautiful dimensional cards with your scrapbooking or other paper crafts. Begin by punching several shapes out of lovely scrapbook paper in various sizes. Then, on a plain card or piece of card stock, layer them. Add a button, jewel, or other particular accent to finish. Because you’re only buying scrapbook paper, the total cost of this type of handmade card is under two dollars.

Create simple handmade cards simple material 

Buying luxury embellishment can cost you a lot of money, but with a few scraps of paper and ribbon, you can make your own handmade cards. By folding the 4 corners of the cover, it will create a square gift box, similarly, to make a ribbon you just need a pair of scissors to swipe from the beginning to the end to make the ribbon to curl it up. The items can then be placed on the front of any blank card. You can make this card for free by using stuff from your stash.

Print your handmade cards

If you are not meticulous, skillful and do not have much time, you can still create a handmade card. You can choose to add a bit of detail to make your postcards pop or simply leave them as is and then write them down with your wishes. There are many occasions that you can use a printable card as a form of handmade card. For example, on Valentine ‘s day, you can surf the Internet, find a suitable and romantic card to share with your loved ones. Imagine how meaningful it was when your partner received your handmade cards. 



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