5 handmade gift pop up card templates that you can refer to

If you are a kind-hearted person who likes to send cards to family and friends, handmade gift pop up cards will be one of the best choices for you. Handmade gift pop up card  cards not only help you save budget, develop creativity, but also can create a gift containing your sincere love, and will appreciate the personal touch in unique cards. These are unique, all made with inexpensive materials that you probably already have on hand. There are different types of simple 3d cards that you can make yourself and lots of ways to save money.

Create Scrapbook Paper Scrap Cards

Do you have leftover scrap paper from previous projects? You may find that leftover scrap paper from some projects is still reusable. To make a simple handmade gift pop up card, fold it in half. You can use any additional decorations on the front of the card if you have them. Otherwise, design a rubber stamp or write your message with a pen. Decorate the front of a simple 3D card with pretty scraps of paper and write the message inside. This handmade card costs absolutely nothing to create as it uses leftover materials.

Make handmade gift pop up cards with free fonts

Fonts can be expensive, but you can save money by downloading some free fonts. Try some unique fonts, such as free typewriter fonts or calligraphy fonts. Then, on a bright piece of paper, print your message. By placing a scrap of scrapbook paper underneath your printed message, you can add a touch of elegance to a simple card. Making this handmade card is cheaper as all you need is a white card and some pretty scratch paper.

Make simple 3D cards with origami paper folding skills

For those who are skillful and love meticulousness in every detail, using origami in handmade gift pop up cards will be an extremely reasonable choice. Origami paper with a three-dimensional design meticulously made by the love you put into it will make the recipient feel attracted at first sight. In addition, to make simple 3D cards more aesthetic, you can add some lovely shapes such as hearts, stars … DIY origami cards help you save money and have meaning. .

Use a bunch of paper

Make beautiful sized handmade gift pop up cards using your scrapbook or other paper crafts. Start by chiseling some shapes out of lovely scrap paper of various sizes. Then, on a piece of cardboard or a sheet of cardboard, layer them. Add a specific button, gem, or highlight to the finish. Since you only buy scratch paper, the total cost of this handmade card is under two dollars.

Create handmade gift pop up cards with simple materials

Buying luxurious decorations can cost you a lot of money, but with a few pieces of paper and ribbons, you can make simple 3D cards yourself. By folding the 4 corners of the cover, it will form a square gift box, similarly, to make a ribbon you just need to use scissors from the beginning to the end to curl the ribbon. The remaining decorative materials can be placed on the front of the card blank.

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