Beautiful 3D cards ideas to make your love more passionate

Currently, 3D cards are becoming a popular choice as gifts for love. You don’t have to be a very skillful person, as long as you are patient and sincere enough to be able to make 3D cards for your loved one. In particular, your lover will definitely feel really happy when receiving this card. Here are some suggestions for 3D card design ideas for gifts for lovers.

Any ideas when making cards you should know?

There are many ways to make a beautiful card. Please make the most suitable options. 

Ideas for 3D heart-shaped cards

This is a unique and pretty card, but it’s not too difficult for you to make. You just need to prepare the cardstock to make the card, you can choose your favorite color but you should choose red and white. In addition, you need to prepare glue, scissors, and a pen.

To make this card, you need to fold the paper in half to create the card shape. Take the red paper and cut it into 2 squares about the size of a quarter of the cardboard. Next, draw a heart shape on 2 red sheets of paper and heart-shaped lines so that you get a heart shape.

Use scissors to cut along those lines without breaking. Finally, stick to 2 parts of the card cover and you have completed a 3D card in your own way. In addition, you can also decorate more by printing on the middle of the heart with the image of two people.

Make 3D nested heart cards

The first step is to draw on 2 rectangular cards with dimensions of 20x10cm. Divide the rectangle into 2 equal squares and draw diagonal lines, cutting the shape along the dashed line. Then you use a knife to make different patterns on the 2 heart shapes.

Draw the word LOVE – YOU on paper and cut it into words as shown below. Glue each letter in turn on the heart shape so that the monograms create a unique heart shape. The last step is to glue each part to the card in turn, so you have completed an impressive handmade 3D valentine card. You can also decorate the upper part to be appropriate and impressive. 

thiệp giấy 3D

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Where to buy reputable 3D cards?

Currently on the market there are many facilities that can consult and produce according to your own design. However, in terms of quality and price, they will have differences and if not knowledgeable about the issue. Then you can easily own products of low quality.

So come to us VIETNAM POPUP CARD AND HANDICRAFTS, JSC – the creator of excellent works of art. We will surely bring impressive and interesting pop up birthday cards to your loved ones. 

Each card has a different meaning that the giver wants to convey to the recipient. So choosing 3D cards is also very important to express its meanings.

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