Choose 3D greeting popup cards for the people who are important to you

Beautiful and meaningful greeting cards are the places where we can send our best wishes, loving messages, and sweet messages to our loved ones. Instead of choosing traditional cards, pop-up cards will now be a beautiful, attractive and meaningful gift when giving gifts. Let’s discover if you should choose 3D greeting popup cards to give to those in the comments below.

Determine who receives 3D greeting popup cards?

In addition to choosing the right card for the right purpose, you should also determine the right audience to give to make the correct choices. In order for the gift card to have the full meaning and message that you want to send, you should consider this carefully.

Gift greeting popup cards 3D cards for children

Children will often be very easily attracted and show great interest in 3D floating cards with eye-catching colors and funny images such as animals, superheroes, princesses, ….

You should choose embossed card templates that are suitable for children’s ages and interests. Avoid choosing too monotonous models that will not create interest for children.

Giving 3D greeting popup cards to “loved ones”

If you are not sure how to express your love to your loved one, immediately use a 3D embossed card with your thoughts and feelings to give it to them.

The images of the cards that you should choose are hearts, couples, rainbows, etc., which show your sincerity and feelings for the other party. You should also choose images with the most emotions to make the most impression.

Giving 3D greeting popup cards to parents

Parents are usually older people, so their hobbies are also somewhat more minimalist than younger people. You should choose embossed cards with simple and subtle images. In addition, write down a few words of your heart that you want to share but don’t have the courage and courage to confess to them. 

Thiệp nổi AN005

VIETNAM POPUP CARD AND HANDICRAFTS, JSC provides quality pop-up greeting cards

If you are looking for a place to provide 3D greeting popup cards, please refer to VIETNAM POPUP CARD AND HANDICRAFTS, JSC. It has a wide variety of designs for you to choose from. Besides, you will also receive accurate advice to meet the needs of customers.

Proud to be one of the design and quality floating card manufacturers in Hanoi, we always want to bring customers high quality products, perfect to every detail. Although small, 3D greeting popup cards bring many meanings. The cards here are designed with many different themes such as birthday cards, Christmas cards, New Year cards, thank you cards, floating love cards…

Besides, the price offered for each card is also extremely reasonable, with no larger difference compared to the market price. Therefore, this will definitely be the place to go for greeting popup cards 3D that everyone should come to buy.

Surely the greeting popup cards 3D will help people heal their feelings with the people they love. It is not necessary to give gifts only on holidays, but on ordinary days, you should also surprise the other party.

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