Design popup cards in Viet Nam, easy or not?

Before knowing how to design popup cards in Viet Nam, you should acknowledge some of the most basic things about popup card.

What is a popup card?

Pop-up refers to something that would suddenly appear and surprise others at first sight. Pop-up cards are an interesting combination of classic greeting card cards and paper craft techniques that transform a 2D greeting card into a 3D model. It is a card that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. People around the world design and decorate popup cards by themselves. Once opened, popup cards will impress the recipients with their eye-catching handmade detailed popups, which somehow give a heart-touching feeling.  Smiles are guaranteed when you open this type of homemade card, as they’re such a surprise.

Popup card can make recipients surprised

History of popup cards.

The first pop-up card was made by Luther Meggendorfer. He was known for creating books with pages that unfold into panoramas and mechanical pull tabs.  Then later, it faded over time until the 1980s, after World War II, there was a rebirth of pop-up cards, when Japanese origami became popular. Pop-up cards are a type of art that evolved from the famous Japanese origami art. Pop-up cards, also known officially as kirigami.

Meaning of popup cards.

In Viet Nam, Popup cards can be used as a gift for children, friends, and family, … on special days or holidays in Viet Nam like Tet, birthdays, mid-autumn, Christmas…The pop-up card is not gift of material value. However, it brings great spiritual values ​​to everyone.  It is ideal for any occasion that you want to deliver your wishes to your beloved ones Sending a pop-up card helps express how much you care about the recipient by putting more time and effort into your design.

Popup card has many meanings depends on each occasion

The way to design popup cards in Viet Nam.

Pop-up cards can be designed in any size. The size of the card when closed may become unimportant when it opens, and the receivers will be certainly surprised by the suddenly significant volume of the card. There are many ways to make and design popup cards by yourself. Some artists have invented new techniques to make pop-ups. Some also make pop-up books. While many consider it to be a hobby, others have started their career by making popup cards. Make your pop-up card with simple materials from around the house. You should prepare something to design a popup card: pen, paper, scissors, and glue stick. Below are five steps for your reference to designing popup cards in Viet Nam:

Step 1: Fold two pieces of card in half

Step 2: Take the inner piece of the card

Step 3: To create a pop-out, open the card and fold the tabs inwards towards you.

Step 4: Take your second piece of card – the outside.

Step 5: Decorate your card by yourself according to the situation. You can get inspiration from websites: Behance, and Pinterest, …You can draw, write, or paint on pop-up cards. You can put your emotion and creativity into them.

It is a basic way to design pop-up cards in Viet Nam. You can get creative and thoughtful and think about who the card is for. Or you can buy a popup card from a shop if you don’t have enough time to design it yourself. There are many shops which design popup cards in Viet Nam. You can get them both in store or online Hopefully, through that, you will have more information and understanding about this card and design successfully your popup cards for your beloved ones.

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