Do you know how to choose a pop up birthday card as a gift?

A gift giving each other on birthdays brings simple joys, warmth and happiness. But it will be more ideal and full of emotions when the giver sends his sincere heart into a meaningful pop up birthday card. So do you know how to choose meaningful birthday cards? The information shared in this article will help you gain more understanding. 

How to choose the right birthday card for the recipient?

Birthday is a solemn event for everyone. Receiving gifts or cards will bring them endless joy. However, you should choose a suitable birthday card that is both meaningful and makes the recipient more happy. But choosing the right pop up birthday card is a good way to receive the perfect gift.

pop up 3D birthday card

Choose age-appropriate gift cards

Depending on the age of the birthday person, you should choose pop up birthday cards with unique creative card designs, impressive colors or delicate elegance.

With children’s birthday cards, choose the first priority 3D birthday card with eye-catching colors, familiar cartoon character shapes to create more surprise and interest for children.

Happy birthday cards to friends and colleagues of the same age, please pay attention to the preferences of each person to choose a card with a funny, cute and lovely style.

For the elderly, superiors should choose 3D cards with a simple style but no less polite, formal and delicate to show respect.

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Choose a card depending on the recipient’s preferences

This is also an important factor that you need to consider when choosing a card. Because everyone has different preferences. Some people like bright colors, while others like soft colors. And the shape will also have many different points. 

3D flower pop-up card

Some outstanding birthday cards pop up on the market today

Some pretty popular impressive birthday greeting cards are chosen for many occasions. The outstanding pop up birthday card will help you express your feelings.

Pop up birthday card birthday gift box

Not too fussy, but when opening the card, the floating gift box shape and the balloons appear so lifelike that the recipient can’t help but be surprised. This is the most popular choice of card for relatives, friends and colleagues.

Pop up birthday card with cake shape

The multi-layer floating cake, beautifully shaped and shimmering candles with the words “Happy Birthday” will be meaningful to the recipient.

Pop up animal birthday card

Be it a year-old picture of the birthday person or any funny 3D animal figure, it will leave the recipient surprised. This will definitely be a meaningful gift that brings surprises. 

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