Do you know how to make 3D Popup Famous Building cards?

Castles or shimmering houses on a 3D card will definitely make your life more beautiful and sweet. The method is not difficult, you can also make a small town on the card yourself. People love making 3D Pop Up Famous Building cards to give as gifts or also to decorate the house. Here are the steps to help you perfect a card as desired. 

Specific instructions on how to make 3D Popup Famous Building cards

Materials to be prepared

Before coming to the steps, we also need to prepare all the necessary materials and tools in the working process. Tape, light bulb, scissors, paper knife.

The most important thing is that you can find a lot of famous building style houses in newspapers, magazines or on the internet or you can make from photos of your own house. Find houses in the middle that are taller than the two sides and have better windows. One note is that the color to black and white will be much more luxurious and splendid.

Thiệp nổi FB005

Steps to make 3D Popup Famous Building cards

To complete the card you need to prepare to do the following steps:

Step 1: Take out a black and white photo of the house, then use scissors to cut the hard-to-cut places, you can use a knife along the paper to cut.

Step 2: Cut out the areas you don’t want, then use a knife along the paper to cut out difficult details or window panes.

Step 3: Use a cylindrical object to bend the cut photo into it and glue the edge. Cut out the excess details you don’t like.

We’ve basically done it by waiting until it’s dark to add another light bulb and it will shimmer right away. If you don’t have a light bulb you can replace it with a candle, but this house is made of paper. so you will be careful to put the candle in a small cup lest it burn.

Thiệp nổi FB026

Where to buy 3D popup Famous Building cards

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All types of cards here are made of high-quality, safe paper imported from abroad to ensure that they are not moldy or damp. In addition, you will meet a team of enthusiastic consultants. They will answer your questions and suggest a suitable and satisfactory card template. 

Above is information related to how to make 3D Popup Famous Building cards. Hopefully through that you can make your own lovely cards as gifts for your loved ones. If you are looking to buy a desired product, you can come to Vietnam Popup Card and Handicrafts, JSC.

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