Elegant handmade card templates for special days

Cards are a very popular product in life, you can easily capture different types of cards such as wedding invitations, greeting cards, thank you cards, … Each type of card will come from a different object. , showing different purposes. Handmade cards offer many benefits and attract more than conventional cards before. Let’s find out what types of a handmade card is selected for special days through the information shared below.

Handmade card for wedding day

A wedding card is a printed publication made on hard paper. Wedding cards or wedding invitations, invitations … are considered as invitations from two parties of the party to the guests. When printing a wedding invitation, there will be full information about the parents of both sides, information about the bride and groom. Going along with that indispensable is the time, the venue for the wedding party.

Different from the old days, today’s wedding invitations are also a place for couples to express their style, happiness, and joy when they are together.

handmade cards

Handmade card for events

With a very special meaning, the return card is considered a sincere promise that the guests invited to the two of you on that important couple day. They will notify you of their presence and other family members in advance. For the convenience of preparing your banquet table to minimize the waste if placing the party at the table. In other events, the response card is the most sincere and respectful reply. receive cards sent back to the person who presented them.

Handmade card for thanks

Thank you cards are used to express gratitude, greetings and express your gratitude towards the recipient of the card.

Thank you cards are very popular on holidays, important occasions to express their affection and gratitude to grandparents, parents, teachers, teachers or partners, customers. Thank you cards are very popular in life.

Handmade greeting card for the holidays

A greeting card is a type of card used to send wishes expressed in high quality paper expressing wishes to a friendship or other sentiment. Greeting cards are often given on special occasions like birthdays, Christmas or other holidays, such as Halloween, and they are also sent to express gratitude or other expressions of affection (such as greetings ). Greeting cards usually come in envelopes and come in a variety of styles.

handmade cards

Handmade card for birthday

A birthday card is a greeting card given or sent to a person to celebrate their birthday.

Similar to a birthday cake, birthday card traditions change with culture but the origin of the birthday card is unclear. To add meaning and make it especially important to the recipients of the handmade card. 

Card printing or card design is one of the important jobs, because what you want and send will be shown on the card you send to everyone. However, instead of printing yourself, you can also use handmade cards with various designs and eyes. Depending on the color and design that the card will give a different feel, choose the most suitable product. 

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