Find out some information related to special popup cards

Pop up cards are increasingly popular and used on many different occasions. To choose the right type, you need to understand and distinguish the types from each other. Each type will have different characteristics, unique textures. The special popup cards are also being searched by many people nowadays. Surely, when giving these gifts to those you love, you will receive a lot of sincere love in return.

The concept and features of special popup cards

To distinguish what are special popup cards you need to understand the concept as well as the characteristics of the product. Surely it will have different information compared to the traditional cards before.

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The concept and definition of special popup cards

The special popup cards have been loved by many people for their beauty and meaning. This is an art form developed from the famous origami paper folding from Japan. The orthodox name of this art is kirigami, which is a combination of the two words Kiri and gami which mean cut, paper respectively.

Consumers can simply understand that paper card products create floating blocks that look lifelike. The relief can appear right on the outer cover or most when the user opens the inside.

Distinctive features of special popup cards

The unique feature of the product is that it is structured in the form of a box. In it, there is a combination of small details together to create a floating shape. Accordingly, the card will look vivid and eye-catching to consumers.

Cards of this type are produced mainly by hand, not the usual industrial mass-produced form. With the skillful hands of the maker, special popup cards are born with more vivid and better quality.

Before, special popup cards were made entirely by hand to create very sophisticated assembly details. Today, the product has a combination of modern laser cutting technology to help create more beautiful cards than traditional products before.

What types of special popup cards are popular today?

The card is designed in 3D style to stimulate the viewer’s vision. With textured details floating on the flat surface to create vibrancy. Currently on the market this type of card is divided into 2 different types: 90-degree vertical cards and 180-degree lying cards.

The general structure of the 90-degree standing card is vertical. When the card is opened, the block inside will be erected at a 90-degree angle. With this type, often accompanied by images that need to be erected, an upright form will be appropriate.

Cards lying down will be more suitable for a 180-degree shape. The images need a large surface such as: Flowers, gift baskets, ships, castles… These images will look lifelike when created with a 180-degree floating block on the surface.

With the above information, we already know what special popup cards are like? There are distinctive characteristics and popular types in the market. Based on that, you can choose the right type for you to make gift cards on special occasions full of fun. 

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