Fun ideas for 3D pop up birthday cards as birthday gifts

The seemingly simple cards have become more sophisticated and full of surprises. The handcrafted 3D cards are loved by young people. Gift ideas for loved ones for upcoming birthdays with a pop up 3D birthday card are essential information for you. The ideas shared below will help you to have more choices for gifts for your loved ones.

The pop up 3D birthday card with floating vignette

Cleverly decorated with embossed motifs, birthday cards have become more lively and beautiful than traditional printed cards. You can use small beautiful motifs from stickers, diecuts, confetti, Scrapbook paper, … combine with foam glue to create lovely cards.

pop up 3D birthday card

The 3D birthday card with many effects

Effect card is a type of card designed quite intricately with different details, the movement of the card creates creative shapes that surprise the recipient.

Lamp effect card

The card is designed in the shape of a lamp, you can use it to decorate the surrounding space, or add a small lamp to create a cute night lamp.

Small part effect saves pictures and wishes

Like a mini album, you can paste pictures and write cute wishes on this little card. On it you can decorate the details of certain memories that you love. Then you will write your sincere birthday wishes on those cards.

pop up 3D birthday card

The pop up 3D birthday card hologram effect

The card seemed to be compact, but it was designed with fancy effects and three-dimensional space, creating a very new and creative feeling. On the cards can be stuck with a birthday cake, flowers or simply some gentle details.

The 3D card exploding box

With the shape of a simple gift box, you will be surprised when you open the lid of the box because of the extremely interesting details in the gift box. From the outside, this effect is extremely luxurious, creating a sense of curiosity for the receiver. You can write your wishes on a blank sheet of paper and place them in the floating box on the card.

Meaning of pop up 3D birthday card for birthday

pop up 3D birthday card

Someone may not choose this gift as a birthday gift because it has no material value. However, it is a misconception because sometimes others prefer a sincere spiritual gift. You can choose a beautiful 3D pop up birthday card and write love words on it. Not a great material gift, but a meaningful gift. The recipient will feel your heart and love for them.

The pop up 3D birthday card comes in many different shapes and sizes, with a variety of colors. You can choose it according to the preference of the person you will be giving the gift to. Although this gift is small, it brings a lot of great meaning. Above is the information sharing about 3D birthday card pop up ideas that you can refer to. You do not have to think about gifts of great value. Just a card is enough for people to understand your feelings. Hopefully anyone will know how to choose meaningful gifts for their loved ones.

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