Guide you to make 3D popup birthday cards as birthday gifts

Birthday is also an important day for each person, marking their maturity. Therefore, it will be very surprising if you receive a meaningful gift on your birthday. There is no need for a big gift, but the 3D popup birthday cards can send love words to everyone. This article will guide you on how to make meaningful 3D popup birthday cards.

Meaning of 3D popup birthday cards

3D popup birthday cards

This is such a cute and easy birthday card to make the recipient more meaningful. The recipients will appreciate the 3D popup birthday cards you made by your own hands.

Not many people know the handmade popup greeting card ideas yet. Handmade birthday card-birthday balloon pop up card-birthday greeting card ideas.

If someone special you know is having a birthday impress them by giving them a handmade pop up birthday card. Anyone can make it and everyone will love this pop up birthday card cake.

During the birthday, everyone will see it as a special day. Taking this opportunity to express your feelings to the recipient is also a great choice. The recipient will truly feel happy and receive love from you.

How to make 3D popup birthday cards

3D Birthday Card Cake – Materials

  • A6 Card Stock (or a piece of A5 card folded in half)
  • White paper (or paper of choice)
  • Contrasting paper (or you can use pens to decorate)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Pop Up Birthday Card Cake – How To

Easy to make 3D Birthday Cards, you do not have to spend too much time and effort. You can also decorate the “white cake” with pens or things like washi tape. Think about your cake toppers – will they be candles or a little bride and groom. Keep it simple, the result will look great and you have to be an artist to create details.

3D popup birthday cards

Using your card stock as a guide, cut your A5 sheet of white paper down a little – so that when it is inside the card you have a nice frame. Take your candles, line them up with your folded paper and roughly measure out the top of the cake and the bottom of the cake.

Divide this cake space into three equal parts along the spine. Cutting your pop up cake tiers & pop up them out. Make 4 cuts: 2 long cuts (approx. 5cm) one medium cut (approx. 3.5cm) and one small cut (approx. 2cm)

Creating the pop ups by Fold open the paper and “reverse the crease”. Glue your paper into your cardstock. One side at a time and press down to secure.

Completed 3D popup birthday cards

Once the frame of the card and the large details inside are complete you will begin to decorate the small details. You can add flowers or hearts depending on your preference. Then fold it up and you have the 3D popup birthday cards. 

On it are some introductory information as well as how to make 3D popup birthday cards. Hope that through that you will create your own lovely cards to give to your loved one.

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