How is the process of design popup cards in viet nam going through?

Using pop-up cards as gifts on special occasions is becoming more and more popular. So the information related to this type of card is also interesting and we want to learn more. How are the unique and beautiful cards with new design popup cards in viet nam? Are you curious about this? In today’s article, we will learn about the process of designing a pop-up card to create the most complete product.

Ideas for design popup cards in Vietnam

This is the first step in the process of making a floating card and also the most important step because all the following stages will follow the design idea. The design staff will carry out the idea of ​​​​thematic designs or based on the requirements of the customer.

If you have a need to design a certain card, you can also give your ideas. After that, the staff at the addresses providing the cards will also give specific plans and start sketching.

thiệp sinh nhật độc đáo

Sketch the idea on the software

After the design concept is built, the design staff will conduct a preliminary sketch of all the corners of the model on the software. At the same time, sketches will also be made of the cover and lining of the embossed card. If the sketch is perfect and does not need to be edited, it will continue to the next step, but if it is not complete, it will revise it until it is complete and then move on to the next step.

Color up the design of popup cards in Vietnam

The process of making the card to highlight the color for the sample has an important meaning to determine the aesthetics of the card. The colors that need to be used in a harmonious, eye-catching and impressive combination right from the first time are the successful and attractive card templates for customers.

Finalize the design and submit for approval

The designer will finalize the card design and send it for approval. At this time, if needed to edit, it will be adjusted immediately to proceed with cutting the sample. The sample cutting stage uses a specialized cutter to ensure high accuracy and fast cutting time.

thiệp nổi 3D

Assembling and finishing the model

The final stage of the design staff will be assembling, gluing, and stitching the cut pieces together to complete the pattern. After being approved, the lining model will be sewn together to complete the embossed card according to the design. The card is stored as a sample and sent to the production department to introduce to customers and produce according to the quantity required by the customer.

Before delivery, each card will be carefully checked for certainty when opening and closing, the image on the card must be clear and beautiful.

Above is the process of designing popup cards in Vietnam that everyone can learn to gain more knowledge. If you are looking for an address that provides popup cards in Vietnam, you can come to VIETNAM POPUP CARD AND HANDICRAFTS, JSC. Here promises to bring you quality products with the most advantages.

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