How to choose 3D popup birthday cards that everyone loves

The busy and hectic life has made the habits of giving birthday cards gradually change. Instead of creating 3D popup birthday cards themselves, people choose to use social networks to send greetings. Maybe this is acceptable, but do you think that making your own birthday cards for relatives and friends will really mean a lot? Hand-made cards will definitely make the recipient feel appreciated and touched.

Why should you choose to make 3D popup birthday cards?

In the era of information explosion, you will probably send birthday wishes to relatives and friends through different means of communication. Some social networks can be mentioned such as Facebook, instagram, zalo, …. Sending birthday wishes to others through social networks shows interest. But this will make the nature of birthday gift-giving less interesting and less meaningful. Therefore, 3D birthday cards are an important gift on a special birthday.

Instead of expressing interest in others in a cliché way, choosing a birthday card will make the recipient touched and surprised. The fact that you make your own cards, choose images or wishes will make the recipient feel appreciated.

Dress to buy 3D pop up birthday card

3D cards are becoming more and more popular and are chosen as gifts for special occasions. 3D cards are not only creative, breaking out of the traditional mold that ordinary cards have. When receiving a 3D card, the recipient will be surprised at the miniature images inside the card that suddenly appear, giving a realistic and beautiful look. Choosing 3D cards for gifts is a great choice.
Today, there is no shortage of reputable 3D card companies in the market. HMG is proud to be one of the leading units, a pioneer in the production and distribution of 3D card products. HMG always ensures to put customer satisfaction first. HMG provides you with the most beautiful 3D card templates, quality from design to reasonable price. HMG’s 3D card making materials are all imported from abroad such as Germany, Italy, France… to ensure that the card is always firm, not broken during transportation. The 3D card model at HMG is also very unique, catching up with the trend, giving consumers more choices. HMG provides 3D cards for every occasion of the year such as New Year greeting cards, Vu Lan Mother’s Day cards, pop up Christmas cards… HMG accepts all ideas of customers and makes the prettiest cards. . The staff at HMG are always enthusiastic, attentive and professionally trained, providing the best shopping experience. Thanks to the application of advanced laser cutting technology and a skilled creative team, the most satisfactory card designs are guaranteed.

How to choose the best 3D popup birthday card?

To be able to choose a beautiful 3D birthday card, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

Choose a card by design

Birthday card design is important when you want to give someone a gift. Therefore, you also need to base on the recipient’s preferences to choose the most appropriate card theme. If you are a relative or friend, choose bright and cheerful cards. For the elderly, choose gentle, simple 3D birthday cards.

Choose card by size

About the size of the card is not too important, depending on the perspective and preferences of each person will choose the appropriate cards. However, you should not choose cards that are too big or too detailed, which will make the card confusing and without highlights. Choose simple cards, about 14×9, 20×5, ..


Choose by price

The cost of each card will depend on the size, detail, and design of the card. In addition, it depends on the card material such as paper type, color and some other accessories. However, the price of 3D birthday cards is not too expensive, you can easily buy these cards for birthday gifts.

Beautiful 3D popup birthday cards both bring meaning and make the recipient feel appreciated. No need to be too picky, you just need to spend a little time to choose and prepare to be able to own a beautiful card. Above are some ways to choose unique 3D birthday cards, to choose beautiful cards, please contact Hmgpop immediately:

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