How to give love and concern by pop up card

What is a pop up card?

The pop up ad is a “follow-up” ad, which is a form of advertisement displayed in a new window when you visit a certain Website. Content is an advertisement, an announcement, a promotion.

When a user clicks on this pop up, it will open an advertisement page from other web sites. These pop up ads sometimes make people feel uncomfortable and annoying. 

The pop up card is the opposite of pop up ad. This is a handmade product made from quality paper, through the talented hands of the artist, conveying a meaningful message to the recipient. 

Pop up card for birthday

Dream balloons contain many good wishes for relatives and friends on their birthdays. A robot implies that you are mechanical and dry, but the gift is full of love and warmth.

pop up

This image will imply that the 4-people best friend group celebrates your birthday, hoping that everyone in the group will always be strong, young, and long-lasting. 

Pop up cards use high quality paper, imported directly from Japan, Korea and Italy. This is an impressive gift that you can give to a friend or crush on your birthday. 

About and products

Different from traditional flat cards, our pop up cards are sophisticatedly and exquisitely designed. The main material is high-quality art paper that not any kind of paper can meet.

Undergoing meticulous and manual production, each product is an exquisite and unique pop up card, impressing people right from the first time of opening the card.

Each card carries its own meaning, it can be deep gratitude, sincere thanks, intense love or good wishes to everyone.

pop up

Introduction of, vision and mission

Viet Nam Popup Cards And Handicrafts Joint Stock Company is an enterprise specializing in designing, manufacturing and supplying 3D popup cards not only in the country but also in many other countries in the world. 

Handmade Gift’s card has covered over 20 countries and is appreciated by international friends for its quality and sophistication.

Vision: Bringing Vietnam 3D Handmade cards and affirming the quality of Vietnamese products worldwide. Building Popup Cards Company to become the number one com- pany in Vietnam in designing and manufacturing 3D Popup Cards for export.

Mission: Create unique and meaningful 3D card designs that strengthen and bond the relationship between friend and family relationships. With the message of love “Say It For You” – our mission.

Benefits of Our Services and Products 

Viet Nam Popup Cards And Handicrafts Joint Stock Company is proud to be the leading supplier of 3D popup cards in Vietnam. We always listen to the needs of our customers, giving the first priority to reputation and quality of our product and service.

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