How to make a 3D pop up love card ?

Valentine’s Day is approaching, a meaningful love anniversary for couples who are filled with happiness. To make the holiday more meaningful, in addition to meaningful gifts for lovers, a 3D pop up love card will make Valentine’s Day more complete and memorable. Here is a guide for you to make the most beautiful Valentine card for your loved one by yourself that you can refer to and follow.

1. Some beautiful card templates for lovers on Valentine’s Day

Handmade cards for Valentine’s Day are often diverse in design, color, and design. Most of the materials used to make 3D cards are cardboard, easy to find to buy and anyone can cut and paste and then decorate them.

In addition to the 3D popup love card that can be used for Valentine’s Day, there are also some popular card templates such as heart-shaped cards, 3D cards, popup cards.. Depending on your preferences and aesthetic ability as well as time, You have to choose a card that suits you best. A beautiful card is not an expensive or fancy card in terms of form, but simply a card that suits your preferences and contains a lot of love in it.

2. Steps to make 3D Valentine I love you card

To start making cards, you need to prepare the available materials. Materials to make 3D popup love cards are quite simple and easy to find. You can easily find them in your home or in souvenir and craft stores.


_ Red/white cardboard, scissors, needle, paper cutter

Implementation steps:

Step 1: Cut the white card you prepared earlier into a rectangle with the size and scale of 10x20cm, then fold the cover in half.

Step 2: Cut a square with side 8cm on one side of the card

Step 3: Use the red card to make 2 hearts smaller than the square of the white card

Step 4: Use a needle to poke 2 small holes on the heart and use the thread to connect the small heart inside the big heart

Step 5: Continue to poke 2 small holes between the folds in the white card, then thread the 2 hearts into 2 round holes, adjusting so that the hearts are in the square frame.

Finished products: So with very simple steps, anyone can complete a beautiful 3D Valentine I love you card and save time.

3. Where to buy beautiful 3D popup love card

On the market today, there are many addresses selling beautiful 3D cards with a variety of designs, many reputable establishments for you to choose from. HMG is proud to be the leading supplier and maker of 3D cards in Hanoi, always ready to provide customers with cards with a variety of designs, designs, sizes and themes.

HMG always focuses on materials and designs of 3D cards to satisfy customers. All materials used to make a 3D card are imported from famous countries such as Belgium, France, and Germany. Especially, Hmg always gives you incentives if you buy in bulk, hmg will give you cards at wholesale prices. In addition, HMG offers free transportation within a radius of 5km and commits to the transaction as agreed previously. With preferential prices, shipping with beautiful materials and designs, Hmg hopes you have the most complete card shopping moments here.

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