How to make a simple and super beautiful 3d flower pop up card

Floating cards, or many people still call them pop-up cards, 3D cards, there are many different ways to do them, especially with the theme of love more and more. But most of them are beautiful cards, so choosing the best cards is a difficult task. The paper flowers are simple, but with the way of embossing on the card, they become lively and cute! Making your own floating card with paper flowers is not too difficult but requires you to be meticulous and careful about every little detail. The results are always interesting because from tiny paper fibers you can turn into simple but impressive 3D flowers. Today HMG POP UP will guide you how to make beautiful and impressive 3d flower pop up cards

  1. Ingredient

To prepare how to make 3d flowers pop up card , you need to prepare the following materials:

  • Color Paper A4
    Paper scissors

       2. Steps to do 

1. First you take an A4 sheet of paper and fold it in half, then use scissors to cut along the fold you just made.2. Continue to take the paper you just cut out and fold it in four. Fold the paper diagonally close to the fold, continue to fold the paper diagonally back. Then use scissors to cut the paper in a curve to form the petals.

3. When you finish cutting the petals, open them up and cut off a petal. Use crayons to paint on the paper to make pistil

4. Get sticky tape to attach the flower, fold the cotton in half. Next, you fold 7 similar flowers!

5. Stick the tape to the 3 petals on a flower. Then you glue the flowers one after the other. Take another sheet of A4 paper and fold it in half then glue the flower to one side of the A4 paper.

When you complete the steps, open the A4 paper and it will look very beautiful, like a flower bud blooming in a flower garden. With how to make this 3D confetti card is very simple, but the finished product looks very beautiful, isn’t it. If you hand-made this pretty confetti card for your friends or relatives, everyone will surely like it. Wish you success with this floating card!

pop up flower card

         3.Prestigious address to buy 3D flower pop up card

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