How to make beautiful and simple pop up Mother’s Day cards

Mother’s Day is a great holiday around the world for everyone to express their gratitude to their mothers. In Vietnam, Mother’s Day is also a special occasion of the year for people to remember their mother’s birth and upbringing. In addition to buying gifts to give your mother, you and your children can completely make a beautiful little card with meaningful wishes to give to your mother. In today’s article, we would like to share with you how to make beautiful and simple pop up Mother’s Day cards. 

Ingredients to be prepared for pop up Mother’s Day cards

  • Paperboard in red, white, pink.
  • Pencils, colored pens, erasers.
  • Other tools: Scissors, ruler, semi-circular ruler, double-sided tape, double-sided foam tape…

pop up mother's day cards


How to make Mother’s Day greeting cards

Step 1: Cut pieces of colored paper according to the following sizes:

Pink paper: 15cm x 11cm.

White paper: 13.5cm x 9.5cm.

Small pink paper: 8cm x 1.5cm.

Small white/pink paper: 12cm x 5cm.

How to make beautiful and simple Mother’s Day greeting cards

Step 2: Take a pencil and draw an arm shape on a small white sheet of paper. Then, you overlap the white paper on top of the pink paper of the same size and cut the shape of the arm with scissors. You cut one more arm like that.

Step 3: You take the two hands you just cut and copy on a piece of white paper, then take a pencil to draw along the contours of the two arms.

Step 4: You take a half-circle ruler and place it on the part just below the arm line and then draw a half-circle. If you don’t have a semi-circle ruler, you can use an ice cream box lid or a circle lid to draw.

Step 5: You take a ruler and use a pencil to draw some straight lines in the upper space on the paper to write a greeting on the paper to align. Right where the arms are, write a “secret” congratulation (the arms will cover this place). You can add a flower or heart to the “secret” word. 

Step 6: Use a ruler and red pen to draw broken lines around the white paper.

Step 7: You use double-sided tape to stick it on the lower part of your arm and then cross your arms together so that they can be opened and cover the “secret” congratulation.

Step 8: Take an eraser and erase all the pencil strokes on the paper.

Step 9: Cut the two ends of a small piece of pink paper into a fishtail shape. Then take a pen and write “Happy Mother’s Day” on a piece of paper.

Step 10: Use double-sided foam tape to stick the small piece of paper on the card to create a 3D effect.

Step 11: Next, use double-sided tape to stick the white card to the pink card.

Step 12: Cut out small red hearts. Then, use double-sided foam tape to stick a heart on the two arms to make a “lock” to clasp the two hands. You can stick other small hearts around the card.

Step 13: Finally, we have a lovely pop up Mother’s Day card to send to mom ! Wishing you success!

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