How to make pop up mother’s day cards easy

Mother’s Day is an opportunity for everyone to return to their family side to show love together. Meaningful gifts are indispensable on these days. You can choose gifts as you like but it is best to come with pop up mother’s day cards and best wishes. You can also make your own cards as gifts. The information shared below will help you make this card easily.

What are Pop up mother’s day cards?

pop up mother's day cards

Mother’s Day is a major world holiday for everyone to express gratitude to their mother. Mother’s Day is also a special occasion of the year for everyone to remember her mother’s nurturing and nurturing merit. In addition to buying gifts to give moms, you and the children can completely make a beautiful little card with meaningful wishes to give to their mother.

Because it is a special day, meaningful gifts like Pop up mother’s day cards were born. Although this gift has no material value, it contains a lot of love for the mother.

How to make pop up mother’s day cards in detail

Many people think that making a card pop is extremely difficult because there are so many details. But the truth is not so, as long as you prepare enough materials and learn how to do it will become easy.

Prepare materials for making cards

To complete the product pop up mother’s day you need to prepare some materials such as:

– Text-weight paper

Double-sided tape

– Petal Template

– Cardstock Paper

– Glue Stick (Elmer’s Disappearing Purple School Glue Stick)

– Scissors

In addition, you should also prepare to add small details to decorate the card more vividly.

Start with the steps to make pop up mother’s day cards

Cut seven 4-inch squares of paper in desired colors. Fold a square into quarters. Fold-down one flap diagonally, flip the square of paper over and fold down the other flap, forming a triangle as shown. Print petal template; trace it onto the triangle, and cut out. Unfold, and cut one petal from the flower; close the gap by overlapping petals on either side and securing with a glue stick. Repeat with other squares.

Attach pieces of double-sided tape to the petals, as quan by dots. Start sticking flowers to one another: Flowers B and C each overlap a petal with A; then flower D goes on top, completely overlapping A.

Attach flowers E and F to the stack to overlap B and C. Attach G to the top, overlapping D. Cut out some freehand leaves from green paper, place double-sided tape on the bottom, and attach them to the flowers.

Cut a piece of cardstock into a 10-by-6-inch rectangle, and fold it in half to form a card. Place the folded flower stack inside of the opened card as shown. Place a piece of double-sided tape as shown; close card, and press firmly to adhere. Open the card and repeat, attaching the other side of the flower stack to the inside of the card. 

So you can complete the pop up mother’s day cards to give to your mother. Hope the information shared above will help you gain more experience.

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