How to make popup greeting cards for the birthday party

The popup greeting cards are small gifts but with many great meanings. Especially the greeting cards for birthdays. It is like a gift that you can send your feelings to the recipient. It is not too difficult to make a floating card with the meaning of a happy birthday. Let’s find out how to do it through the information shared below.

How to make a pop up birthday card with the shape of a birthday cake vividly

pop up 3D birthday card

To make a pop up birthday card with a cake shape, you need to prepare some materials and use a tool including white cardboard and colored paper, glue, scissors, a pen, a ruler. First, take a folded rectangle of white paper as the background of the card, and fold another sheet of different colors to make the card cover.

On the background cover, mark the parallel lines, alternating length and length to create layers of cake of different sizes. Determine the positions to cut according to the desired proportions. Cut in the straight lines and fold the paper to create 3 layers of birthday cake. Cut the colored paperboard into 3 rectangles with the corresponding size for 3 layers of cake. Stick colored paper on the cake layers and then attach ribbons, bows, beads, … as you like. Attach the card background to the inside of the card, write your wishes and decorate the outside of the card cover to be beautiful.

How to make a pop up birthday card with meaningful braille phrases

To make pop up birthday cards with braille letters ‘Happy birthday’, ‘Happy Birthday’ or optional content, you need to prepare a ruler, glue, a paper knife, crayons, colored paperboard, a cluster printing pattern. text that is intended to highlight, such as ‘Happy birthday’. First, choose the phrase and print style, then print it out. Use a paper knife to cut the black highlights, separate the bold lines, and then create creases in the broken lines.

Fold the paper together with the dashed lines to form solid letters. Draw a line around the outside of the words ‘Happy birthday ‘and use a paper knife to cut off any leftover cover. Use crayons and decorate as you like on the text. Finally, fold the card in half and stick the word ‘Happy birthday’ on the center of the inside. 

Some information about handmade gifts

làm thiệp 3D, popup greeting cards

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Hopefully, through the information shared above, you will know a popup greeting cards gift to give to your loved one.

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