How to make super beautiful popup Mother’s Day card

Mother’s day card is a very meaningful and important day for mothers. There are many things to give mom on this occasion from gifts and flowers to simple things like cooking for her or simply giving her wishes. To make popup Mother’s Day more meaningful, you can make your own cards for gifts. The 3d card contains your great love and affection wishes for your mother. Let’s show you how to make super beautiful popup Mother’s day cards for mom on mother’s day!

1. The meaning of Mother’s day holiday

The annual Mother’s day ceremony of filial piety is solemnly held on the full moon of the 7th lunar month every year. Mother’s day festival is intended to remind generations of descendants to always remember the merits of birth and upbringing of grandparents, parents, ancestors and national heroes who have had merit. Not only for each Buddhist, Mother’s day Festival opens a whole season of gratitude and filial piety spreading throughout Vietnam.

The most touching image in  season is the rose on the shirt. Whether young or old, the boys and girls attending Mother’s day are reverent and full of emotion when they receive a rose tied on their chest solemnly. The red color is a symbol of motherly love, the white flowers are reminiscent of the mother who died in the mountains. Remembering your parents and putting a noble flower on your chest is the most beautiful love that children send to their parents. Another season of Mother’s day  filial piety is back. This is an opportunity for each living person to choose to slow down, love and share more when life is getting harder and harder. It is an opportunity for each of us to thank our parents for giving birth to each of us.

2. How to make super beautiful popup Mother’s day card for mom

Ingredients to be prepared

_ Colored card paper according to your preferences.
_ Various color flower coils
_ Ribbons for making bows
_ Paper glue, double-sided tape
_ Scissors, rolling tools

How to make super beautiful popup Mother’s day card

Step 1: First, curl the orange strip with a rolling tool. Next, use glue to glue and then use your hands to create the shape to your liking.

Step 2: Roll the blue wire, glue the outer end of the wire and start bending.

thiệp 3D tặng mẹ
Popup Mother’s day card 

Step 3: Use glue to glue the rolled flowers onto the card

Step 4: Cut a small piece of cardboard, use a pen to draw the frame. You write wishes for your mother in that frame and then stick that frame on the card.

Step 5: Attach bows made from ribbons to the card to decorate more beautifully. You can use a pen to write the words “Card for your mother” and decorate the outside of the card so that it is beautiful.

That’s how to make a super beautiful 3d card to give to your mother. Good luck with your card making!

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