How to write wishes on pop up mother’s day cards

1. Note the date in a small corner of the pop up mother’s day cards 

Do you know why? Many people have a habit of saving them and rereading them on a fine morning.

Write a small line of the date in one corner of the card (especially the upper left corner).

When the recipient opened the card and recollected the date, the feeling was like being in that moment.

2. Start with a small greeting

That is where all emotions originate. Imagine how your mother would feel reading greetings like “Hi, dear mom”, “My dearest mother”.

Based on the relationship between your mother and you, as well as your own preferences and style, you can choose a suitable greeting. 

3. The most meaningful and dear wishes will be expected the most. 

There are many different ways to lead depending on the preferences and personality of each person. 

You can tell a story or a memory and then congratulate your mother. 

Really this is a very good time to express your feelings if you are a shy and quiet person. 

Some good wishes to write on pop up mother’s day cards

“Today is Mother’s Day, my beloved child wishes you to always be healthy, young and beautiful. Mom is forever the most wonderful mother in my heart. ”

“Mommy. It is very rare for children to have the opportunity to confess their feelings to their mother. 

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, I wish to send good health wishes and all the best for you. 

I wish you will always be healthy, always happy, happy and loved. I love you so much mom. ”

pop up mother's day cards

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