Ideas for choosing pop up birthday cards as gifts you should know

On birthdays, gift giving is a traditional and necessary job. There are now many ways to choose gifts for the birthdays of loved ones. A pop up birthday card is both simple and meaningful that you can see. There are more and more ideas to create beautiful, creative and unique card templates that impress everyone.

How to choose the right birthday pop-up card

Choose a pop up birthday card based on a relationship with the recipient. Of course, when giving any gift, in order to be meaningful, the relationship between the two people contribute a lot.

Close friends can share many feelings, stories, and thoughts with each other. Therefore, a unique card will show the affection of two people or a group of friends.

This is an extremely close relationship and mutual understanding. If you are in a relationship, you can make a unique birthday card that shows your deep feelings for the other person.

Pop-up birthday cards must come with the meaning of showing respect and courtesy. To do that, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the card, which needs to be high-class, sincere thanks. You can use images such as noble flowers, or jewelry sets, candles, and shimmering flowers…

Interesting pop up birthday card ideas

Currently on the market there are many pop-up cards for birthday gifts. Here are some choices that you can refer to as gifts.

Pop-up birthday card with birthday cake

Of course, on a birthday, it is always the most appropriate to give gifts related to the party. Therefore, choosing a pop-up card with a birthday related image is the most reasonable and the gato is always the first thing people think of.

A pop-up card in the shape of a 2-tier birthday cake will be impressive when opened. You can refer to the selection of red, blue card background and white cake covered to look very prominent.

Pop up birthday card with balloon template

On the occasion of the birthday, the choice of balloons to decorate the party is often used by many people. Therefore, birthday cards often use balloons to make pop up cards look very lively.

You can choose a card with colorful balloons. It is unique when people open it, they will see a bunch of balloons rising up, looking like they are flying freely in the air, which is very interesting.

Birthday card template with gift basket image


If you give a birthday card to an elderly person who needs respect and respect, you can choose a model with a gift basket. With this image, the card becomes more luxurious, expressing the best intentions to the giver.

In particular, you should pay attention to the material for making the card, you need to choose a high-class type such as imported card paper that is both durable and aesthetic. Combined with interesting images from the gift basket, it makes the recipient feel his heart for them. 

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