Ideas of pop up birthday cards for kids

The meaning of a pop up greeting card made by the mother 

Anyone who welcomes a new age wishes to receive the best wishes from their loved ones. Baby is no exception.

Following the stream of events each year when the baby grows up, mothers save their wishes through each pop up birthday card for the baby that the mother decorates by herself.

The eagerness, anticipation and wants to bring the best to your baby are not only shown at the party that the mother cooks for the baby, but also lies in the gift she prepared for her baby.

Together with a pop up birthday greeting card meticulously made by the mother, it will create loving messages. 

pop up easter card

Pop up birthday cards for girls

If the baby is a beautiful princess, the main sweet colors you should use are pink and white, and yellow …

Soft, feminine tone color combined with some cartoon characters such as bunny, princess … or some of the girl’s most characteristic accessories are: dresses, skirts, sweets, bows …

Mom should use thick double-sided tape to make those motifs pop up to make them more lively and interesting. 

Pop up birthday card for boys

If the baby is a brave guy, the main colors for strong expression, the mother should use will be blue, green, red ..

Tone color is always hot and cold color interwoven and remember to add decorative shapes such as colorful balloons, cars, ships, boats that are the motifs that the little princes always love.

Creating colorful pop up cards and fun shapes will help children stimulate their creativity when they receive them, as well as be excited to learn colors and shapes through their mother’s gifts.

Mother together refer to some pictures of birthday pop up cards for the baby to use pictures of the baby’s favorite foods such as ice cream, sweets, cream cakes, etc ..

The above ideas are suggestions for mothers to make a birthday pop up card for their baby in a unique and interesting style. 

3D flower pop-up card

Some pop up birthday cards for reference

Birthday cake is a card template in the shape of a 3-tiered birthday cake with a red candle on top to represent the birthday wish for a new age. 

Birthday gift box is a green gift box. This card template is quite suitable for boys. The gift box is round, attached with a bow, surrounded by star motifs and large and small circles. 

Each pop up card comes with an envelope, and wrapped in a plastic bag to ensure the product is resistant to dirt and moisture during shipping to customers.

If you have a need to design and produce custom pop up cards to serve tourists, in gift shops, or use pop up cards as an invitation card, product introduction card …

Please contact me at the phone number below the website. 

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