Important information you should know about pop cards

Pop cards are increasingly popular and used on many different occasions. To choose the right type, you need to understand and distinguish the types from each other. Each type will have different characteristics, unique textures. Pop cards now appear a lot on the market and are also chosen by many people as gifts. So is there any information related to these cards that you need to pay attention to. 

Information you need to know about pop cards

Nowadays pop cards are becoming very popular so you should not ignore them. Maybe this product will bring meaningful gifts to help you show your love to your partner.

How is a pop card understood?

Pop cards are an art form developed from the famous origami paper folding from Japan. The orthodox name of this art is kirigami, which is a combination of the two words Kiri and gami which mean cut, paper respectively.

Consumers can simply understand that paper card products create embossed blocks that look lifelike. The relief can appear right on the outer cover or most when the user opens the inside.

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Distinctive feature

The unique feature of the product is that it is structured in the form of a box. In it, there is a combination of small details together to create a floating shape. Accordingly, the card will look lively and eye-catching to consumers.

Cards of this type are produced mainly by hand, not the usual industrial mass-produced form. With the skillful hands of the maker, pop up card shapes are born more and more vivid and quality.

Today, the product has a combination of modern laser cutting technology to help create more beautiful cards than traditional products before. 

What are the benefits of pop cards?

The selection of pop up cards with gifts brings many different meanings and benefits to consumers such as:

Pop cards with special effects

Because pop up cards have a special structure, different from ordinary cards, when accompanied by gifts, people will be impressed and surprised. From creating floating images, to the ability to move, bright colors, pop up cards all create an attractive feature for this type of card. This makes the card special and unforgettable for everyone.

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Highly aesthetic

Pop up cards made in 3D style are always more aesthetically pleasing. The image is lifelike, has its own speciality, and looks very eye-catching. When you choose to buy a pop up card, you’ll get stunning miniatures that come to life.

Has a long storage time

When choosing a pop up card, you can completely make a gift that will last for a long time. Paper material is the main material that makes up the card. This is a durable material, can be kept for a long time, so it is very suitable as a gift to keep. the memory, the memories will be accompanied by years. 

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