Important symbolic meanings of christmas & new year popup card

On Christmas days or holidays, it will be essential to have more gifts as gifts for those you love. Especially nowadays people often focus on pop-up cards with many images. Christmas & new year popup card is meaningful gifts that everyone should discover. So what do these cards mean, please refer to the information shared below. 

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The meaning of the Christmas in every detail on the popup card

The winter of 1836, the snow was very heavy, the same thing happened in the 1840s and 50s. As a result, the image of Christmas cards appearing with a snowy scene became a new trend in the Victorian era.

When there is a circle of Advent wreaths, it represents the eternity and endless love of God. The green color of the leaves speaks of the hope that the Savior will come to save people.

Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas originated in Turkey in the 4th century. In particular, according to legend, on Christmas Eve Santa Claus will appear and give gifts to children. Until the 1930s, Santa Claus was depicted in blue, green and red. Until an advertising campaign of a company, Santa appeared in a red shirt, from here red became the color of Santa’s symbol.

According to legend, in order to save a child sacrificed to live by an oak tree, Saint Boniface cut down that sturdy tree with a single punch. At the place where the oak tree fell, a small pine tree grew. That tree, he said, symbolizes the eternity of the Savior.

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The meaning of New Year’s greeting cards

New Year’s greeting cards are a simple gift, but to express your heart, you also need to pay attention to choose beautiful, appropriate cards that can make the recipient immediately remember you.

When choosing a greeting card for Tet and Spring, you should pay attention to choose the card templates that match the meaning of that year. For example, if you choose a happy new year 2021 card, you should choose the buffalo icon because 2021 is the year of the New Year of the Ox, instead of choosing the image of a mouse (year of the Rat), a tiger (year of the Tiger)…

 Beautiful card templates, innovative design but without losing the features that show the spring color and taste of Vietnamese New Year will be a gift to leave an impression with relatives, friends, customers and partners. your.

Beautiful unique Tet card design but still need to stick to the needs of use. You can use New Year greeting cards for many different purposes such as attaching to products, giving to partners, customers, or being used as gifts for relatives and friends…

Therefore, elements such as color, design, and size of Tet cards need to be suitable for the needs and objects, with high practicality.

Compact size: It is recommended to choose the usual sizes such as 10x20cm, 9x18cm or 12x15cm, for 20x20cm cards, it should be doubled to create a compactness that fits in the hand and just put in the gift basket.

Christmas & new year popup card is a gift that helps you to give your love to everyone around. Each gift will bring different meanings, so choose the most appropriate christmas & new year popup card. 

The most popular 3D Christmas & new year cards popup today

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