Information to know when choosing pop up 3D birthday cards as a gift ?

Table of contents

  1. Things to keep in mind when choosing to pop up 3D birthday cards

1.1 Pay attention to material cards

1.2 Chose on the size and the style of cards

1.3 Chose on the color of cards

       2. How to write a meaningful pop up 3D birthday cards

2.1 Share your sincere feeling

2.2 Write short enough pop up 3D birthday cards

2.3 Writing 3D birthday pop up cards should have a humorous element

Birthday is one of the most important days of the year for everyone, marking the day they appear in this wonderful life. So in addition to the splendid gifts wrapped in brilliant gift boxes with glittering ribbons, the birthday card that comes with sincere wishes is also an extremely precious gift on the birthday that the person who has a birthday is looking forward to receiving from guests. So what are the things to keep in mind when choosing a 3D floating card for a birthday? The following article will provide readers with useful information about what to pay attention to when choosing a floating card for a friend’s or loved one’s birthday as a unique gift but still full of love.

  1.  Things to keep in mind when choosing to pop up 3D birthday cards

In order not to spend too much time on choosing a card and avoid unnecessary mistakes when choosing a 3d floating card as a birthday gift, the giver should note the following.


1.1 Pay attention to material cards

To have a quality 3D card for a birthday, we need to start from choosing the material for the card. A good quality card made of high-quality materials will have a distinct value as well as add a level of elegance and elegance, expressing the heart of the giver in it.

You should choose a 3D embossed birthday card made from materials originating from Korea, Italy … or anywhere you feel confident and satisfied enough to ensure that the colors keep for a long time and make an impression with the recipient.

1.2 Chose on the size and style of the card

There are quite a few sizes and designs of cards in the market such as round, square or rectangular shapes,.. that you can choose one. In addition, you can add or create many designs by yourself according to your purpose such as heart, cloud shape…

With floating 3D birthday cards, you should choose cards with fun, eye-catching designs that attract recipients at first sight. For birthday cards, choosing card designs related to the birthday theme is the most reasonable along with details such as birthday cakes, candles, balloons … to be able to clearly express your intentions in the pop up birthday card. .

 1.3 Chose on the color of cards

Birthday parties are often known for the joy and joy of the organizers and guests, sharing the moment only once a year, so often when choosing 3D floating cards for birthdays, people often tend to choose bright colors and create a feeling of joy for the viewer such as green, red, yellow… Avoid choosing cards with gloomy, cold colors that make the recipient misunderstand your intentions and feel unhappy on their birthday.

        2. How to write a meaningful pop up 3D birthday card

A card with a splendid appearance is not enough, in order for the birthday card to become deeply meaningful and bold in the recipient’s mind, the content of the card also needs to be focused. So what should be written on the birthday card? Please refer to a few useful suggestions below to ensure that you will have a meaningful card and express your great affection in it:


2.1 Share your sincere feeling

Instead of spending time online searching for clichéd and clichéd or overly sophisticated wishes, you should send your recipients the most sincere wishes with your feelings and affection for them. This not only makes the reader feel that your feelings are closest to him, but also makes your card forever imprinted in their mind.

2.2 Write short enough pop up 3D birthday card

“The shorter, the simpler the better” is the way people often say when they want to send greetings to someone. Writing too many wishes in a birthday card can make the recipient not understand your intentions, but also make the card become lengthy and rambling.

2.3 Write 3D pop up card should have humorous element

Your messages in the card need not be too serious, making the recipient feel heavy when reading. Instead, you should add a little humor to your birthday card to create a sense of intimacy and improve your relationship with the recipient.

Hopefully the above article will partly help you save time and make the right choices to be able to choose the best 3D Pop up birthday card. Good luck in choosing a special card for your loved one. 


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