Instructions for designing and making greeting popup cards for birthdays

Birthdays are very important and also an opportunity for you to express your heart to the people around you. Choosing a birthday gift is a difficult problem for many people. Instead of thinking too much, you can completely design and make greeting popup cards for birthdays yourself. If you receive these gifts, the recipient will be extremely happy. This article will show you how to design and make greeting popup cards for birthday gifts. 

Design and making greeting popup cards with balloons

Here are the steps to make a balloon pop-up card to celebrate your birthday that you can refer to:

Step 1:

You cut 2 white cards about 18 x 13 cm in size. Then use markers to draw decorations around those two sheets of paper. You can draw flags of different colors with different textures. Note that if you have a template, this part will be very fast. You can always print on paper. Then use the inner card to cut out 2 spirals. You should cut 2 images of the same size.

Step 2: 

You stick 2 sheets of white paper just decorated to a sheet of paper folded in half. To create a gray border, paste the gray cardboard first. Use a paper cutter to cut a line in the center of the card.

Step 3: 

Glue the spiral cut clear glass cover to our card. You stick double-sided tape to the 2 ends of the glass cover.  

Step 4: 

Cut out the balloons of yellow, gray and turquoise colors with two different sizes. Then start sticking the balloons up with glue or double-sided tape. You stick it on the card and on the cellophane to create a balloon effect.

Step 5: 

Decorate the outside of the card with a sheet of gray cardboard the size of nearly half the card. Stick that gray cardboard under the card. Next paste a slightly smaller size white paper to create a gray outline. Then write or print Happy Birthday on it.

Thiệp nổi FL026

Where can you find greeting popup cards?

The demand for using cards is increasing, finding a reputable address to buy products is very necessary. VIETNAM POP UP CARD AND HANDICRAFRS, JSC is one of the prestigious addresses that you can refer to. Here brings a lot of advantages in each card.

With paper, silk and various accessories, the cards here are designed to create realistic images. Unlike other types of cards, pop up easter cards and other cards here are not dry, but instead, the things described in the cards are very soft, attractive, lifelike.

A special thing that you can see when admiring the cards is that the templates are always designed according to their own ideas. The abundance of ideas and the constant creativity of the artists have made the 3D HMGPOP card the most prominent card trend in 2021. 

Design and making greeting popup cards for birthdays at VIETNAM POPUP CARD AND HANDICRAFRS, JSC with outstanding advantages in terms of design, design and price, will definitely be the best card for your choice. Find out which products are suitable for gifts.

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