Instructions on how to choose a pop up birthday card and how to write good wishes 

On the birthday of your relatives, friends, colleagues …, send them meaningful wishes through pop up birthday cards. 

If you do not know which beautiful card to choose, any good wishes, then immediately refer to the pop up birthday card templates with good wishes and meanings below. 

Choose a pop up birthday card that matches the recipient 

When choosing and writing pop up birthday cards, you should be careful about choosing the right card templates for the recipient. 

Whether it is an electronic card or a paper card, it must be appropriate to the recipient’s circumstances, age, and status.

thiệp sinh nhật độc đáo

For example, when giving to your parents, you should choose pop up birthday card templates that look polite, and have elegant colors. 

But when giving to young children, you should choose pop up birthday card templates with vibrant colors and funny shapes.

Especially, when giving it to women, it is advisable to present a pop up birthday card with flowers and flowers in bright and gentle colors. 

How to write appropriate birthday greeting wishes 

When writing a pop up birthday card, you should also pay attention to the owl, the text accordingly.

thiệp sinh nhật bá đạo

For adults, you should use polite and formal sentences. 

With friends, people of the same age, you can use many different languages, even teenage languages to make the content of a pop up birthday card more witty.

For your boss

Also, when writing a pop up birthday card for your boss, you should consider what kind of personality the boss is like.

If your boss is a serious person, has principles, you should write cards with polite words.

But if the boss also has a youthful personality, you can write greetings in a unique, amusing style to make a deep impression on your boss! 

3D flower pop-up card

Some good wishes for happy birthday

  1. This present is not valuable itself, but it is a souvenir hereto, it brings almost all most my warm sentiment. Happy birthday to you.
  2. While many people may be thinking of you on your birthday, I want you to know I’m first on that list! Happy birthday to the most special girl in my life!
  3. On the occasion of your 20th birthday, I wish you to be younger, beautiful and happier. The best wishes including luck and the best happiness will come to you in the new age.
  4. Send you my beautiful wishes that are as sweet as a flower to be your companion till the end of the world. Happy birthday to you!
  5. With each year I love you more and more. Happy birthday sweet love!
  6. Happy Birthday! I love you so freaking’ much, hope you have an awesome birthday!
  7. Nothing brings me more happiness than the smile on your face. I want to see that smile on my girlfriend’s lips forever. Celebrate! You deserve the best.

Hopefully, the above information is helpful for your choice.

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