Instructions on how to make 3D popup Animals cards for gifts

The trend of using pop-up cards is increasingly popular and is chosen by a large number of people despite the developing technology era. The attraction of pop-up cards is about unique images and colors, and impressive designs. In which, it is impossible to ignore the cute funny animal pop-up card. It will be a great gift for relatives and friends on anniversaries and holidays. So how to make your own 3D popup Animals cards?

How to create unique 3D Animals cards popup

It’s not too difficult to make cards that pop up animals. We just need to find out the preferences of the person we want to give gifts to. Then take some basic steps to be able to complete the product as a gift for everyone.

Prepare materials before making 3D popup Animals cards

Before starting the process of making 3D popup Animals cards you need to prepare some materials. Including the tools behind the knife, tape, colored paper, accompanying accessories, etc. Depending on what you intend to make the animal-shaped embossed card, there will be other accessories to make it look more eye-catching.

Steps to make 3D popup Animals cards

Step 1: Prepare colored paper or cardboard to make the card more unique. You’ll measure the size you plan to make and cut, fold, and glue the animal into the center of the card. Note that you should fold the card 2 times to align and use a measuring tool to cut the card to make it more beautiful and even.

Step 2: Create the animal you want to make: There are many unique animal shapes such as butterflies, dragons, tigers, dogs, etc. You will choose the animal you want and shape them. Then use colored paper to fold or cut the animal in the center.

In order for the animal to have a beautiful and lifelike shape, you should draw a sketch of the animal on paper and cut it along. Remember that the size of the animal placed on the card will be smaller than the cardboard appearance.

Step 3: Fix the animal inside the card

Going through the above 2 steps, you have cut the cute animals you want to make, then fix them with glue in the middle of the card. Putting the animal in the center of the card ensures that when opened, it will create a highlight and uniqueness for the recipient.

Step 4: Decorate and complete the card

You can decorate more motifs and accessories attached to the card. Don’t forget to write your wishes to the recipient of this unique animal card. Please write your most sincere wishes on the card. Surely the recipient will be extremely happy when receiving a gift that has been completed by themselves.

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