Instructions on how to make animals popup cards easily and quickly

The 3D pop-up cards are becoming more and more popular and chosen by a large number of customers in the current technological era. The appeal of pop-up cards lies in their unique images, colors, and impressive designs. Among them, the unique and lovely animals popup card cannot be ignored. This will be a great gift for relatives and friends on anniversaries and holidays. Let’s find out how to make the simplest and fastest card through the sharing below.

The easiest steps to make animals popup card

To make animals popup card, you need to prepare some tools, adhesive tape, colored paper, and accessories attached to the back of the blade. Then follow the steps below.

Thiệp nổi AN065

Step 1

Prepare colored paper or cardboard to make the card more unique. You will measure the size you intend to make, then cut, fold and glue the animal in the center of the card.

Remember to fold the card twice to align and use a measuring tool to cut the card to make it more beautiful and flat.

Step 2: Create the animal you want to make

There are many unique animal shapes, such as butterflies, dragons, tigers, dogs,…

You’ll choose the animals you want and shape them, then fold or cut the animals out with colored paper in the middle.

In order for the animal to have a beautiful and realistic shape, you should draw an outline of the animal on paper and then cut it out. Remember that the size of the animal placed on the card will be smaller than the cardboard appearance.

Step 3: Pin the animals in the card

After the above 2 steps, you have cut the cute animal shapes that you want to make and then use glue to fix them in the center of the card. Place the animal in the center of the card to create a highlight and uniqueness for the recipient when opened.

popup greeting cards

Step 4: Decorate and complete the card

You can decorate more patterns and accessories on the card. Don’t forget to write your wishes to the recipient of this unique animal floating card.

Where to buy animals popup cards as meaningful gifts

The animals popup cards will be very meaningful and impressive gifts to give as gifts. One of the prestigious addresses provided to you is VIETNAM POPUP CARD AND HANDICRAFTS, JSC.

All the cards are handmade by skillful and enthusiastic hands of skilled craftsmen.. The materials used to make the cards are imported from Italy, Japan, and Korea, not only beautiful but also durable over time. From there, produce quality popup cards to make more meaningful and perfect gifts.

The price of pop-up cards is affordable, highly competitive, especially great deals when buying in bulk, large quantities of floating cards for partners and agents. Enthusiastic support team, answering all questions of customers about cards, purchasing policy, delivery.

Each card pops up as a gift with meanings expressing your love for the other person. Make yourself the animals popup card as a meaningful gift.

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