Instructions on how to make meaningful handmade gifts popup card

A greeting card on the right occasion will bring happiness to the recipient. And it will become more special if the card is made from your own hands. So, handmade gifts popup card is one of the hottest cards used by many people to give to the people they love today. Also learn about today’s popular handmade card templates and how to make them yourself. 

Instructions on how to make handmade gifts popup card

Currently on the market there are also many handmade cards that pop up for you to give as gifts. Here are some of the popular types of cards that people love.

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How to make a handmade card that pops up with animals

To be able to create an animal card by yourself is not difficult. You can easily make a 3D handmade card through some simple steps:

Step 1: Prepare materials including: White, black, purple scented hardcover, thick material; glue; double-sided adhesive tape; drag; 3D butterfly shape

Step 2: First, you need to determine the size of the card is 15cmx15cm with a black fragrant card.

Step 3: Next, paste a white card of size 14cm*14cm, then fold it in half to determine the center point of the cover.

Step 4: Butterflies are considered beautiful and attractive animals, so to make the card come to life, you cut a triangle card with the shape of the butterfly body to stick it in the middle of the cover. So that the cover when unfolded and folded does not feel clumsy, then you can attach white and purple butterfly wings at 25 degrees, 45 degrees, respectively, to get a pop-up motion for the card.

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How to make pop-up handmade cards for birthdays

Birthday is one of the important holidays that happens only once a year for each person. Therefore, if you have a meaningful birthday cake card for that person, you can refer to how to make a birthday card in a few simple steps:

Step 1: The preparation step is quite important and you should prepare all the tools including: light colored scented paperboard, glue, scissors, 3D birthday cake and accompanying stickit.

Step 2: Common size of a birthday card is 12cmx12cm or 15cmx15cm. After choosing the right size, cut another color card with a size that is 1cm smaller than the main one.

Step 3: Next, determine the middle point of the card to paste the 3D birthday cake and accompanying images related to the birthday. Surely this will be the most meaningful gift for the recipient.

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Where to buy reputable handmade gifts popup card?

Besides making a card yourself, you can also easily find handmade gifts popup card at VIETNAM POPUP CARD AND HANDICRAFRS, JSC. Here is confident to be a reputable address to provide you with beautiful and strange handmade card products to meet many customers with many different designs and occasions.

With the purpose of making a deep impression on the recipient’s heart, handmade cards are a good choice for many customers. Don’t ignore how to make handmade gifts popup card as a gift for your loved ones. 

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