Instructions on how to make pop up christmas cards

A lot of people do not know what gifts to their loved ones should choose the most meaningful gifts on Christmas holidays. Some people will find and buy gifts of great value, others will choose simple gifts. Whatever gift you give, you should always give pop up christmas cards and greetings. These cards you can completely make by yourself, below will be instructions on how to make them. 

Materials need to prepare for making cards

pop up christmas cards

To make a card, the first step you need to do is transfer the materials. Also quite simple, not fussy, so just prepare a few things like:

– White paper or paperboard can be printed with the printer

– Scissors for cutting

– Glue

– Crayons or markers, glitter, craft knives, rulers and cutting mats

How to make detailed christmas cards pop up

Making a postcard bounce includes many steps that you need to pay attention to. In every step, it takes meticulousness to complete a beautiful card.

Choose a cover template and print

Choose the pop-up card according to the color, size and image you want to make then download and print. Because they are made during Christmas, each card pattern has three pieces: the card and two Christmas tree pop-ups. Print the card pattern on cardstock and the optional “Card Insides” pattern on paper. You can also make the card from paper by printing both the card pattern and the “Card Insides” pattern on paper. This step you can be flexible according to your preferences to choose the envelope of the card.

Proceed to cut the necessary parts

Cut each piece of pattern on the solid black line, try to cut it straight, leaving no cut marks. Cards will look better and are easier to go together with straight edges. For the “inside” card model, cut on the outer black border for the paper card. For cardboard, cut on the inner black border. 

Fold and glue the pieces of cardboard together

Fold the card in half on the center line with the design on the outside. For the “inside” part, fold the colored side of the fold. If you are using cardboard, it is best to write the folds first.

If you are using an “inside” card, paste it inside the folded card. Place the glue on one half of the “inside” piece. Slide it inside the card. Press. Turn the card over and apply glue on the other half of the “inside” piece. After applying, press and hold the tape so that the tape does not come off.

Fold and cut the pop-up inside

The inside that pops up will have the main image of a chain of Christmas trees. There are two pop-up strips for choosing one card and saving the other for use inside another card or as a gift card.

Pop-ups must be folded before cutting or folding a pop-up accordion. First, fold the pop-up window in half on the centerline. The marked face is on the inside. This is called a valid fold. Second, fold each last tree on the lines. These folds are called mountain folds. Hold the folded stack of plants together and cut carefully around the tree. Do not cut the folds where the plants meet. Open the pop-up and you have a Christmas tree chain. You can decorate the Christmas trees as you like and also add some sparkles. 

Pop-up Inside Card Adhesive

Fold the tree chain the opposite way — valley, mountain and then valley. The colored sides of the trees are all on the inside, leave the trees in this folded stack for gluing. Open the card flat with the inside of the card up. Put glue on the back of the last tree in the stack. Glue it about 1/2 from the right edge of the card. Be sure the mountain fold is on the right. Next, put glue on the back of the tree on the top of the stack. Fold the left side of the card over on top of the pop-up and press. 

On it is information on how to make pop up christmas cards that anyone can apply. Hope you will make your own the best product. 

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