Instructions on how to make the simplest Halloween popup card

Every year, Halloween is often looked forward to by many people to organize special and fun costume parties to help save great memories. At this time, people will also give each other meaningful gifts to express their love as well as their hearts. A handmade gift of a Halloween popup card will definitely make the couple’s relationship stronger. 

How to make a meaningful halloween popup card

For a successful Halloween party, full of fun, we definitely cannot lack two halloween popup cards. The following steps will help you complete the gift. 

3D flower pop-up card

Tools to prepare

  • Black and orange cardstock (the black cover is slightly larger than the orange cover), colored paper.
  • Pencil, ruler
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Steps to take

First, mark the center of the card as 10cm. Next, you should mark from the middle of the card to 4cm on the outer edges. Then continue to draw from the top down with 3cm and then use scissors to cut and fold them.

Open the card and leave it there and use another black card to cut into a Halloween house depending on personal preference. After that, we cut more pictures of the small drops, the moon and 2 ghosts. Next, you use colored paper to cut small squares to make windows.

Then use glue to glue the squares on the house to make windows. When pasting, continue to paste the house on the orange card, then stick the ghost on the roof. In the decoration step, please stick the falls and the moon on the orange cover.

Finally, just decorate with more time or what you like to be able to complete Halloween popup card. 

Where to buy a Halloween popup card?

The choice of address to provide a quality  Halloween popup card is quite important. A quality card makes the recipient touched by your feelings for them.

Come to VIETNAM POPUP CARD AND HANDICRAFTS, JSC. You will choose a lot of beautiful and quality card templates. Here, Halloween popup card is made from imported and high-grade paper materials, so it is very durable and difficult to smudge. This will help you to keep the card for a long time.

This company is one of the reputable addresses that have a lot of Halloween popup cards for you to choose from. But if you are still confused about which model to choose, ask a salesperson for advice. Not only that, the consultants here are knowledgeable about the meaning of each gift card. Therefore, it will help you choose the most suitable and beautiful card. The price of a Halloween popup card  is quite suitable, you can rest assured when choosing card products here.

A Halloween popup card has the same role as a Christmas or New Year greeting card. You can use it to send wishes to family and friends on this festive occasion. Halloween popup card models will bring joy and happiness to everyone.

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