Is the price of 3D cards very expensive or not?

3D cards are also considered a miniature work of art. The motifs and pictures of people’s lives can be reduced to a single page. We can see the 3D cutting lines popping up and down. The images and textures are very vivid and detailed.

And that impressive appearance will score points at first sight for the recipient. But 3D cards – is the price really as expensive as rumored? To learn more, check out the article below!

What is a 3D card?

3D cards, also known as pop up card, .. This is a type of card made based on the art of paper cutting kirigami from Japan. The handmade covers to create those impressive cards are available in a variety of colors.

Through the trimming and finishing process, when you open the 3D cards, the images will appear. They create an unexpected impression on the viewer.

3D popup birthday cards

Today’s 3D Cards

In the past, these cards were usually 100% handmade, so their prices were often quite high. However, with today’s developed technology, laser cutting technology has been applied to the process of creating 3D cards.

The outstanding advantage of laser cutting technology is that it is accurate and the cards will be much more diverse in design and shape. Therefore, the price of this 3D card product is also very affordable for consumers.

How popular is the demand for 3D cards?

Today on anniversaries, love days, thank you days or simply birthdays, etc. Everyone wants to give them the most meaningful and impressive surprise gifts. But the 3D cards templates perfectly meet all the elements of those occasions.

Not only can we express all the sincerity, trust and gratitude of the sender for the receiver. But they also leave a deep and unforgettable impression on the recipient.

Therefore, the market has not been released for a long time, but the 3D cards have left a deep impression. It is loved and enjoyed by everyone. Pop up cards are a formidable competitor of other card models on the market today.

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3D card – is the price really expensive or not?

Currently on the market there are many units providing 3D cards items. Each establishment offers a different price to the market. It also depends on product quality and requirements on design and design.

However, they have applied modern technologies such as lasers to create beautiful 3D cards. Therefore, the amount of money to spend to own this product is not too high, but you think.

Therefore, the idea that the price of a 3D card is very expensive is completely wrong. You can choose a favorite 3D card at an affordable price. They are totally worth your money!

Those are some of the information we share and debunk false rumors about the price of current 3D cards products. And if you have a need or have any questions about this card template. Then you can contact us directly VIETNAM POPUP CARD AND HANDICRAFTS, JSC.

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