Learn about the meaning of christmas & new year popup card

Christmas and New Year are meaningful traditional holidays most people look forward to. At that time, people are eager to prepare gifts for their loved ones. In which the most meaningful gift that most people choose as a gift is the meaningful card. Let’s find out the deep meaning of Christmas & New year popup card. Surely when you know its meaning, you will immediately choose a card as a gift. 

What does the New Year popup card mean?

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Tet gifts, Tet calendar and New Year greeting cards are the three indispensable Tet gifts that businesses send to customers and employees. The purpose is to express our gratitude, instead of thanking us for accompanying the business in the past year and looking forward to working together for a long time in the future.

Tet gifts, Tet calendar and Tet greeting cards always complement and support each other so that from here, those who are not familiar gradually become friends, and those who are already friends become closer and closer.

In addition, New Year’s greeting cards are also gifts with special meanings given to each other by loved ones. Children give their parents, parents give their children, friends give each other…. All of them show strong feelings of attachment, removing all distances and becoming closer.

With a child far from home, a card with a loving message will definitely be the best gift for everyone in the family. Sincere affection and care are conveyed that is the message that the cards sent across all geographical and spatial distances want to convey. 

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The meaning of the Christmas in every detail on the popup card

The winter of 1836, the snow was very heavy, the same thing happened in the 1840s and 50s. As a result, the image of Christmas cards appearing with a snowy scene became a new trend in the Victorian era.

When there is a circle of Advent wreaths, it represents the eternity and endless love of God. The green color of the leaves speaks of the hope that the Savior will come to save people.

Santa Claus or Saint Nicholas originated in Turkey in the 4th century. In particular, according to legend, on Christmas Eve Santa Claus will appear and give gifts to children. Until the 1930s, Santa Claus was depicted in blue, green and red. Until an advertising campaign of a company, Santa appeared in a red shirt, from here red became the color of Santa’s symbol.

According to legend, in order to save a child sacrificed to live by an oak tree, Saint Boniface cut down that sturdy tree with a single punch. At the place where the oak tree fell, a small pine tree grew. That tree, he said, symbolizes the eternity of the Savior.

Christmas & new year popup card always bring a lot of meaning to the recipient. Instead of choosing big gifts, just a small card makes the recipient extremely touched. 

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