Let’s learn some information and how to create pop up card

Cards are usually a bonus gift to the holidays chosen by the majority of people. Nowadays, instead of giving a normal card, people often choose to pop up card. This is a product with many interesting pop-up details, diverse images. Let’s find out what information about pop-up cards is shared in the article below.

Find out some information about pop up card

Pop-up cards are a thoughtful touch on a standard greeting card. Create a card that shows how much you care about them by putting more effort into it.

Plus, pop-up cards are a great way to get everyone to craft together, creating a lovely home activity that everyone can join.

By making a few simple cuts to a card piece, you can either create a tab that you push forward and decorate or you can make it 3D and paste a cut image into it. It’s not only fun, it’s easy to do.

Tarpaulins give a lot of meaning to holidays or special days for anyone. Instead of looking to buy this product on the market, learn and make it to show your heart towards the recipient. 

How to make pop up card details

Materials need to prepare to make a pop up card

A pair of scissors

Two pieces of cardstock

A glue stick

Art supplies to decorate (glitter, marker pens, coloring pencils).

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Start making pop up cards

Fold a piece of card in half, if the paper is bigger than you’d like, cut the card to size and then fold. Try using A4 pieces of paper to make a standard sized card.

Make two parallel cuts that are around one-inch (2.5cm) long through the folded side of the paper. The size of the cuts can differ depending on what scene you’re creating. Measure with a ruler before cutting so that you identify where you would like your pop out to be placed on the card. You can stick to just one tab if you’re only starting out, or use multiple tabs to create a scene (like a layered cake) along the width of your card.

Open the card and fold the tabs inwards towards you. Open the card again and the tab should be ready to decorate. Fold your second piece of card in half. This will be the outside of your card. Use the glue stick on the outside of your first piece of card and attach it to the second piece.

It’s time to decorate your card, and this is the really fun bit where you can get creative. You can stick an image to the tab, or simply decorate the tab itself by adding glitter, ribbons or stars. And there you have the basics of how to make a pop up card. You can get really creative and thoughtful, and think about who the card is for.

Pop up card is a small gift that does not have great value, but it brings a lot of meaning. Hopefully, through the information shared above, it will help you learn more about pop up cards as well as know how to make a product to give to your loved one. 

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