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The concept of Pop cards does not seem not too strange to many people but few people can understand clearly about Pop up cards or the meaning and the role of Pop cards in Marketing. The content we share below will help you have a more comprehensive view and information about Pop cards.

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  • What is a Pop card ?
  • History of Pop card 
  • How is a pop-up card made ?

  • Characteristics of Pop card 
  • What makes a pop-up card appealing to anyone?


  • What is a Pop card ?

The term “pop-up” refers to something that appears unexpectedly and surprises others. The term “pop-up card” refers to a greeting card that astonishes recipients by revealing immaculate stationery inside when they open it.

3D popup birthday cards


  • History of Pop card

Luther Meggendorfer was a German entrepreneur who took use of the printing industry’s new capabilities in 1860. He was noted for creating books featuring panoramas, pop-ups, and mechanical pull tabs on the pages. Pop cards and paper dolls grew in popularity during the Victorian era. Hand painting, ribbon, opening shutters or doors revealing second layers, and rivets for stability and mechanical motion were all used to create cards.

  • How is a pop-up card made ?

A three-dimensional pop-up card has been added to the traditionally two-dimensional cards. Pop-up cards, like all other cards, are primarily made of high-quality paper to keep their shapes inside the cards. Pull tabs, die cuts, various layers of paper, add-ons, laser-cutting, printed layers… are all used to create a pop-up card, which is then assembled by skilled artists. Due to the small details and easily broken materials, each card takes not just the makers’ care but also their abilities.

  • Characteristics of Pop card

Size : 

  • Flexible : handmade to any size 
  • Can stand as small as 3 by 5 inches or as tall as 2 feet
  • Feature many layers and tabs that disclose specific thoughts when lifted

When the card is opened, the volume is suddenly considerably larger than the recipient expected, and the card’s size becomes insignificant.

 Features :

  • Pull tabs, die cuts, various pop-up layers, add-ons like rhinestones or pressed flowers, and even lace are all possibilities
  • Some cards feature flipping or sliding aspects, while others have hidden flaps that only the most observant will detect

 What makes a pop-up card appealing to anyone?

When pop-up cards are opened, they will wow the recipients with their eye-catching handmade detailed pop-ups, which convey a heartfelt sense. It’s perfect for any event where you want to send your best wishes to your loved ones, such as Christmas greetings, weeding, signaling love to someone, and so on. Cards that pop up Birthdays appear to be a popular occasion for these gorgeous pop-up cards. 

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