Love pop up card – meaningful gift for Valentine’s Day

  1. Valentine’s Day and its meaning

According to sources from Wikipedia, Valentine’s Day, also known as Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day). It is named after Saint Valentin – one of the first Christian martyrs – and is the day the world celebrates love, affection between lovers, and friends of the opposite sex. . Usually, girls express their feelings by sending Valentine cards, roses, chocolates and some other special gifts to the man they secretly love.
Previously, Valentine’s Day (now February 14 every year) was a holiday only in North America and Europe, but today it is popular in most countries.
So why do people often give each other cards on Valentine’s Day? From a story of the saint of love Valentine himself is passed down that: After Valentine was sent to prison, he sent a letter. In it, Valentine conveyed abundant love lines to his young wife. The letter read: “I love you”. At the end of the letter was the words “From your Valentine”.
Perhaps that’s why people think that this is the first greeting that has never been on Valentine’s Day before.

2. Love pop up card  – meaningful gift for Valentine’s Day
A pop up love card with the main detail floating on the card is a red heart shape that will make the person you love “collapse” at first sight by the lovely and sincere that you send in the card. . When in love, couples often give their passionate hearts to each other, so pop up love cards are always the perfect choice for Valentine’s Day because of their simplicity but still showing all their love. the love you want to give them. Inside the card, you can add loving words like “I Love You” to let them feel your deep affection.

3. Address to buy reputable love pop up card 
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