Manipulating pop up card for birthday

Birthday is always one of the most important occasions of the year for every person, it marks the moment of seeing your world. Therefore, to celebrate birthdays, people often give each other the most brilliant gifts along with meaningful wishes. And what’s more surprising when you make your own birthday gift. And the idea of ​​making a birthday card is what you are thinking about but you are wondering how to manipultating pop up card? Let’s learn how to make simple 3D birthday cards for loved ones with HMG! Hope the article will help you get a satisfactory card.

What is manipulating pop up birthday card?

Unlike the usual traditional card, when you open it, only the textures are printed on the surface of the paperboard. Manipulating pop up card is  new, unique and innovative card with details emerging on the surface of the paper, hidden inside the card. This feature of the card is considered as an extremely modern creation, giving the recipient new unexpected experiences. In addition to the unique interesting details, you can also integrate your story through the card through the details you create yourself and send your words of love into the words written in the card.

Here are the detailed steps for you to make a simple but meaningful 3D birthday card
Step 1: Prepare the materials to make the card – this is a basic but extremely important step, so you need to prepare enough materials to make the card as smooth as possible.

_ Color cover and white cover

_ Pen, ruler, scissors, glue

Step 2: Use scissors to cut two white cards and any color card into the shape of 2 cards so that the size of the white card is slightly smaller than the colored card. Then fold the white card in half and draw parallel lines like the following illustration with a ruler. Note that the short lengths are staggered together to form a multi-tiered birthday cake.

Step 3: Cut along the line drawn in step 2 and fold the card into 3 layers of cake

Step 4: Continue to cut with rectangular pieces of colored cardboard or colored paper to fit the cut cake layer

Step 5: Finally, you just need to glue pieces of colored paper to the cut cake layers of the card to make the card more vivid. You can decorate with many lovely glitter accessories according to your preferences to make the cake more beautiful. Remember to decorate the inside and outside of the card so that every detail of the card becomes shimmering

Finished product: So with just a few basic steps, anyone can easily follow it, you have an extremely beautiful and meaningful handmade 3D birthday card. Adding a few emotional messages to the card will surely make the recipient feel happy and surprised

Thiệp chúc mừng
Thiệp chúc mừng

Address to buy reputable 3D birthday cards

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