Manufactoring popup card and criteria for choosing popup card

Surely everyone has met beautiful 3D pop-up cards. Or if you are lucky, maybe someone gives you 3D pop-up cards on the occasion of your birthday, Valentine’s Day or Christmas holidays. Do you already know the impressive address of manufactoring popup card and the criteria for choosing a card? Find out now at VIETNAM POPUP CARD AND HANDICRAFTS, JSC!

Features of pop-up cards

The common feature of these cards is that they are very pretty, compact and very impressive, the 3D cards are trimmed and decorated quite sophisticatedly, it is also a miniature work of art showing the beauty of the world. complete in 1 page. Your loved one will be very pleased with this meaningful gift.

A small, cute handmade birthday card can help you convey your feelings to friends, colleagues and relatives. It shows your concern for others, helps to preserve good memories and is sure to give the recipient a pleasant surprise.

Pop-up card selection criteria


Product quality

The first criterion to choose a reputable floating card design and supplier is product quality, for a reputable unit, quality is always the first criterion. To evaluate the product quality of braille cards, it is necessary to rely on the quality of the printed paper, the quality of the ink, and the quality of the designs.

Service experience

The second is the service experience that you will enjoy when choosing this floating card design and supply unit. We are a reputable floating card design unit, with a very professional working process, enthusiastic and thoughtful working attitude and always careful in every little detail. This is what gives the company its reputation and brand.

Warranty Policy

After all, this is just a standard warranty. When using any of your products, you need to ensure the quality of the product, the same goes for embossed cards. Providing a good warranty policy will help ensure that customers get the most benefit.


Why manufactoring popup cards?

When life around us becomes more convenient thanks to the development of technology, wishes or images, messages can be easily found and sent easily. It seems that the messages, images in the available libraries, will make you indifferent, and indifferent because you have received from someone exactly the same.

Therefore, many people still prefer paper cards that can be handwritten and written with sincere wishes in each handwriting. Therefore, manufactoring popup cards is an indispensable step.

Although technology develops, spiritual values ​​will never change. Paper cards are used instead of hearts and words. Giving greeting cards is both a delicate art and has become a beautiful cultural tradition.

The society is developing day by day, the demand for using paper cards is also gradually being innovated, the cards are thus dressed in new colors and new styles.

Therefore, in the manufactoring popup card, designers always learn about socio-cultural trends, upcoming events, and advanced technologies to apply flexibly.

The types of paper used to make 3D greeting cards are all types of fine art paper, with certificates to ensure safety for users. It needs to be able to biodegrade in the natural environment. All 3D cards through manufactoring popup cards are thoroughly tested before packing. It is stored in an environment with the right temperature and humidity before shipping to the customer. So you can rest assured and choose to buy yourself a product.

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