Meaning and wishes for wedding invitation card you should know

Your presence and wedding wishes will surely be a huge gift for your friends on the wedding day. Wedding day is a special, important day, marking a major turning point in every person’s life – the day when your loved one returns to live in the same house and create a meaningful small family. Use the wedding invitation card as a gift and write meaningful wishes on it.

wedding card

Meaning that a wedding invitation card brings

Weddings are considered the most important holiday in every person’s life, so on this most important day, any bride or groom always desires and wants their wedding to be performed. most advantageous and get the most meaningful blessings from everyone.

It is an item to demonstrate the biggest event of the couple’s life. It will make you show your respect when you invite others to your wedding. Many people, if only verbally invited to the wedding, will forget quickly. Therefore, a wedding invitation is extremely necessary.

Besides, it will also help invited guests to understand the party’s process. It won’t get cluttered and participants will feel more at ease. It is best to give the invitation for 1 week to help guests have time to prepare the costumes, gifts, and work arrangements. 

wedding invitation card

Meaningful wishes when writing wedding invitation card

– I wish you two hundred years of happiness, and wish you both lived together until the end of life. Happy happiness.

– The ancients have a saying: “The husband and wife agree and slap the East Sea. And from this moment, the two of you officially called each other husband and wife. I wish you both a happiest and happiest life.

– I congratulate you both happily! I wish you both a passionate, enduring love and will always have the best in this special journey.

– I would like to send my best deep and deep congratulations. Wishing your new life will always be full of happiness, laughter and joy.

– Happy Wedding! Wishing you and your family a very happy day. Life in the future may still be difficult and challenging, but hold hands to overcome all of them, I always believe and wish you two full happiness.

– The two of you were born for each other, let’s create a new life filled with laughter, full of happiness. Happy Wedding.

– Today is your happiest day, wish you and your wife forever like today, love and stick together for the rest of your life, hurry up and get me promoted. Hehe

– I’m happy that my friend has found the place of life, must be happy and never let go of her hand anyway. Happy Wedding.

– After many hardships and challenges, the two of you can finally build a home together. Congratulations both of you, life will be good in the future, as long as you both work hard together, I believe so. 

Weddings are a very important day so please give all of your heart to give your friends the most loving wishes. Choose a most beautiful wedding invitation card with meaningful wishes as gifts. 

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