Nice models of marriage invitation card for couples

Marriage invitation card is a way to inform relatives, friends, and neighbors about an upcoming ceremony to announce a couple becoming a husband and a wife. 

With this special event, if you want everyone to keep a good impression, the appropriate marriage invitation card template also contributes significantly to this. 

Some models of marriage invitation card by handmadegifts

Model with Bride and groom over a glass of wine 

marriage invitation card

The implied image of the card is the bride and groom sitting in a glass of champaign wine to celebrate. 

This is really a very happy image of a couple in their own wedding. If the person receiving the card sees this picture, he or she will surely enjoy the happiness of the bride and groom. 

Model with the bride and groom stand under the flower arch

marriage invitation card

This marriage invitation card is a romantic image of the bride and groom dancing under the flower arch. 

The image is beautiful with meaning: You are invited to our sweet wedding ceremony. 

Wedding invitation templates 

  1. Every hour, every minute, every year passes

We were together, sharing all the joys and sorrows of life.

We feel like we really need each other in this life

And believe I have found the other half of my life.

Welcome to join us. 

  1. The time can change a lot of things

But it can’t change the love we have for each other.

Whether 1 year, 5 years or 20 years from now, our love will always be like that.

Your presence will make our wedding more meaningful than ever. 

  1. Love has filled every moment.

And those moments become eternal

when we decide to be together

for the rest of my life.

Your presence will make our wedding more meaningful than ever. 

Why should you choose the marriage invitation card of handmadegifts? 

Currently, there are many professional marriage invitation card providers, but handmadegifts are always appreciated for quality. After many years of development, we have received enthusiastic support from domestic and foreign customers.

Besides, the amount of online orders from all over the world is also very much. Handmadegifts wedding card is guaranteed to bring you the following benefits: 

– Reasonable price, suitable with pocket.

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– The printing process is fast, convenient, and timely.

– Support for home shipment to customers from far away.

– Customers can choose the designs available or order individually depending on their needs.

– Professional design staff, young and dynamic.

– Enthusiastic support staff, ready to answer customers’ questions anytime, anywhere. 

Using handmadegifts marriage invitation card to bring the luxury to the owner and express the style and personality of the bride and groom, making the bride and groom impress the guests for your important day. 

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