Origin and wishes for pop up Christmas cards

Every Christmas season comes, we all hand each other a beautiful little card with countless meaningful wishes and love words to our loved ones. But have you ever found out the origin and birth history of the card? Especially the pop up Christmas cards with many symbolic meanings. Let’s find out what pop up Christmas cards related information is shared below. 

pop up christmas cards

The origin of pop up Christmas cards

Christmas cards originated in the land of fog in 1843. Before that, every Christmas, people could only write letters to celebrate Christmas and personally deliver them to the recipient. Later, thanks to the developed postal system, sending letters to celebrate Christmas no longer takes much effort.

The world’s first card was born, designed by an artist in London, Mr. J. Horsley. His best friend Sir Henry Cole asked Horsley to design a beautiful card for him to send to relatives and friends. Since then, Christmas greeting cards have been born.

The first Christmas greeting card was born in England in 1843. On a card printed with the words Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The movement of giving cards quickly spread and made Merry Christmas wishes popular around the world.

Meaningful of pop up Christmas cards gift

On the outside, the pop up cards look like a normal card. But when he opened the card, Christmas-themed blocks popped up. It will definitely make the recipient very excited and happy. The Christmas cards are already printed with Merry Christmas wishes. You just need to add sweet words of love to add and send it. This is a gift of no material value but of great spiritual value. It helps you show your love for those who love you side by side. 


Meaningful greetings for writing pop up Christmas cards

  1. We wish our parents and our whole family a warm and loving Christmas. May our family always be healthy, happy, and happy. I love you all.
  2. I wish my family a Merry Christmas. Christmas is probably something very foreign to our family, mother? Children in the past did not know about gifts, did not know the wishes, but now it is different than before. The children are playing, dancing under the cold winter cold.
  3. It’s Christmas, I wish all of our family well to have fun with this holiday. I love you all! A Merry Christmas will come to all of us.
  4. The greatest happiness of a child is being born in his family and being deeply loved by his parents. Not only Christmas, New Year … but 365 days we also hope that our parents are healthy, happy and happy with us. Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas. 

Through the information shared above, surely you already know the origin of pop up Christmas cards. Please send the most sincere words of love to your family, to those who are always by your side. 


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