Pop up birthday card – your chance to show interest in your partner 

Giving gifts and birthday cards is a way of showing our love and care. This is a beauty in culture to be cherished to. Pop up birthday card is a unique way to show that love. 

Pop up birthday cards of handmadegifts

Handmadegifts have many pop up birthday card templates for you to choose from. 

Birthday cake

Birthday cake (cream cake) is a cake commonly used on birthdays, weddings, engagements, etc….

There are many theories about the origin of the birthday cake. However, the majority agree that the birthday cake dates back to ancient Greece. The cake is said to appear in the XIII century.

pop up birthday card

The English name of the birthday cake is Birthday Cake. The word “cake” is believed to have originated from the Norwegian word “kaka”.

At that time, the Greeks often made cakes or bagels to celebrate the birthday of the Moon god. And since then, the custom of making birthday cakes was born.

However, there are still many who believe that this tradition originated in medieval Germany.

Gato cake has become a popular cake around the world every birthday. They are meant to show joy, care and gestures to show love.

The cake is also the best wishes to the party owner.

Handmadegifts have shrunk the beautiful three-tiered cream cakes in the pop up birthday card. The card is a unique happy birthday present.

You can also donate cards to the party celebrating the love day, the wedding anniversary … You can also use the card to decorate the party space to add sweet romance. 

Lucky cat

Lucky Cat popup card will bring a smile to the recipient. Make your loved one feel special and happy on their own special day. Hope for a new age full of luck and fortune.

pop up birthday card

With this lucky cat pop up birthday card template, the sender wishes the fortune will come more to the recipient of the card. 

Some information about handmadegifts

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If any card is damaged due to manufacturing errors, we will make new cards for customers. If product quality is affected during shipping, we will always be with customers to solve the problem.

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