Popular and necessary pop up cards you should know

Every year there are special occasions such as holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. On these important occasions, people often give each other pop up cards. Accompanied by good wishes or conveying useful information. Corresponding to each holiday or special event, we will have different card templates with appropriate designs. Therefore, you just need to immediately choose the card templates featured for each special occasion. All that remains is to buy and receive them. Let’s learn about the popular pop up cards on the market today!

On what occasions are pop up cards usually used?

Nowadays, pop up cards are used on many important occasions. Therefore, the design of cards also becomes diverse, rich in themes and designs. Below are card templates commonly used at important occasions.

Thanks pop up card

thiệp cảm ơn

The gratitude will be even more special to the recipient when you give them beautiful and meaningful cards. 3D pop up cards are one of the most prominent card trends today. So you can choose thank you cards to send deep gratitude to those who deserve it.

Pop up wedding card

Wedding is one of the most important occasions in a person’s life. Wedding cards are used to announce the good news to guests about the wedding day of the young couple. It is also a card to send happy wishes to the couple. These lovely pop up cards will be very suitable for your wedding day.

Happy birthday pop up card

Birthday is also an indispensable occasion without beautiful birthday greeting cards. Birthday cards today are very diverse. In particular, the 3D pop up card template is always loved and chosen first by many people. Therefore, you can choose this card template to wish someone a happy birthday. Or use it to announce your own birthday party.

Christmas pop up card

Christmas is also a time when people give each other wishes. A pop up card to celebrate Christmas in 3D style will be extremely suitable.

Mother’s day greeting card

pop up mother's day cards

Mother is the one who loves us dearly, please give her meaningful greeting cards on Mother’s Day. You can choose a sophisticated and sophisticated card design style and express meaningful messages such as 3D pop up cards to send to your mother. Surely your mother will be very happy and happy to receive this card.

There are also many other important occasions where we need lovely cards such as Valentine’s Day, New Year, etc. These card templates for these special days are designed with many designs and patterns code for you to choose.

Where is the best place to buy pop up cards?

VIETNAM POPUP CARD AND HANDICRAFTS, JSC is always voted as the company that produces the most beautiful handmade cards today. Our card templates are increasingly diverse in themes and designs.

In which 3D pop up cards are considered as the company’s strong product.

When you need to find beautiful card templates, you just need to visit the company’s website. Here is a stock of beautiful card templates available by the company, you can find beautiful cards for all seasons, themes, … of the year.

The price of cards is also extremely cheap. The company also supports designing the card templates according to the customers’ own ideas, bringing the most satisfaction to the buyers.

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