Popular Popup greeting cards with special ideas

When life around us is filled with convenience thanks to automation, wishes are easily copied and forwarded from person to person in seconds. But, it seems that those messages have made everyone dry and indifferent. Wishes that will connect people make the recipient more indifferent, it will be difficult for the recipient to feel the giver’s heart. Popup greeting cards will appear on your behalf to send love messages to the recipient. Pop up cards with many special ideas will show your sincerity even more. So, what are the common types of popup greeting cards? Let’s find out with hmgpop below!

Popular types of popup greeting cards

Happy New Year popup card

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The New Year greeting card is a means of expressing appreciation and affection for the recipient. Moreover, it has also become a cultural feature in business. The end of the old year and the beginning of a new year. Businesses want to send their  deep thanks to customers or partners who have been loyal, attached and supported the business throughout the year. Individuals want to give the best wishes to relatives, colleagues or friends for a happy and lucky new year. Popup greeting cards appear as an effective solution. Through these small cards, businesses can convey their messages to customers and partners in a civilized and respectful manner. You can also send your loved ones wishes full of love and luck in the new year. 

Wedding pop up greeting card

Weddings are one of the most important and meaningful events that many people care about. Therefore, on this special occasion, the audience often chooses unique wedding cards to make an impression on the owner of the party. 

The cards are always a place for the giver to send their heart to the other party. On the occasion of the wedding is the time when the guests always want to win the best wishes to the owner of the party. 

Using wedding cards will help us express that in the most profound and sincere way. It can be a good wish, it can be a confession, a messages… all can be shown on the card in the most complete and clear way. Popup greeting cards are meaningful messages sent to the bride and groom. 

Instead of using gifts that can only be kept for a while, choosing a card will help you send your partner a longer lasting memory. Accordingly, the memories between you will be long-lasting and revisited every time you have a chance to see them. 

Happy birthday popup card


A unique birthday card with wishes containing the sender’s feelings to the recipient on their most birthday occasion. 

Popup greeting cards will give you a colorful view of the card world. You will be surprised by the cards with many different sizes designed with many unique ideas rich in art, ensuring aesthetics, evoking emotions, and uniqueness.

Where to buy popup greeting cards?

There are many places that sell popup greeting cards, but hmgpop is a reputable supplier. 

Hmgpop has a design team with extensive experience in creating New Year greeting cards, birthday cards, wedding invitations, conferences,… and is a partner of many big companies. We hope the information we provide will be useful to you!

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