Popular types of flower popup cards on the market today

Flowers are one of the symbols chosen for modeling in the design and production of 3D embossed cards. Because of the variety, convenience and suitability for many events, and many different objects. Flowers popup card is a simple and easy choice for women. However, to choose the right symbol of flowers and their meaning, few people know. Let’s find out information related to the meaning of some flowers popup cards

The meaning of each flower on the pop-up card

Each flower has its own unique meaning. It is like a message from the giver to the people he loves the most. Let’s explore the meaning of each flower to get a separate choice.

Rose pop-up card

Thiệp nổi FL007

Rose is a traditional flower of every occasion, you can see in any occasion there is a rose. Roses represent love, respect and even love. This is a flower suitable for all relationships: mother and child, girlfriend, colleague, close soulmate.

If the red rose is a symbol of passionate and intense love, the pale rose symbolizes a gentle love and shows admiration.

Bell Orchid pop-up card

This is a flower expressing gratitude, symbolizing the giver’s sincere feelings for the important woman in life. Accepting flower popup cards with lily-of-the-valley flowers in hand, the woman you want to cherish will surely be happy and satisfied with that meaningful gift.

Pop-up card with Lily Flower

This flower symbolizes beauty, class, style and elegance and pride. This flower is also popular for its fragrance and long shelf life.

There are many lilies that also have many colors, red, yellow, white. According to traditional culture, lilies have nothing to do with the beauty of women. However, this is a symbol of purity, chastity. 

Tulips pop-up card

thiệp chúc mừng nhà giáo Việt Nam

White tulips are meant to express noble love for the woman they love. As for the red tulip, it conveys the message of being secretly in love and expecting to receive love in return, while the green tulip represents the sincerity in love.

Tulip flowers always bloom in spring, so it symbolizes the brilliance and freshness after the cold winter days. Beautiful tulips also symbolize perfect love. This flower has a variety of colors, so whatever color your partner likes, it can be satisfied.

Cactus flower pop-up card

The thorny, strong cactus is something everyone knows. But what about cactus flowers? In love, this special flower symbolizes silent, faithful love, always quietly supporting, beside despite all difficulties and challenges.

The meaning of the cactus flower contains deep romance and is suitable for couples who are going through many challenges in life or family, religious ceremonies. If you no longer want to give her a pot of cactus flowers, give her a 3D floating card with a meaningful cactus flower pattern. …

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Where to buy flowers popup card?

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They have a full range of greeting cards popup templates with many different themes that are extremely delicately designed. It will surely satisfy your requirements. 

Above is the information to share about the meaning of Flowers popup card when giving gifts. Hopefully through that, you will have more choices for yourself.

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