Popup card 3D – characteristic and classify

Pop up cards, also known as 3D cards, are interesting products for children and adults. The special feature of this card is the creation of embossed images, thanks to the delicate and skillfully trimmed and arranged layers of paper.

In 1860, Luther Meggendorfer laid the first bricks for pop up cards. He is known for creating books with pop-up pages. By the 1980s, when Japanese origami became popular, pop up art was in interest again.

Today, with the support of modern machines and technology, pop up cards are produced quickly and meticulously to meet the high demands of the market.

1. What is a pop up card 3D ?

A pop up card is a card that, when opened, makes the image stand out from the flat surface, thanks to the cleverly interlaced layers of images. Once opened, the 3D image is shown in a clear and realistic way to every detail. A Pop up card 3D embossed card is created by the creativity and ingenuity of its maker. Its appearance as a new breakthrough for the gift card template becomes more valuable.  

Thiệp 3D
Thiệp 3D

2. How are pop up cards 3D classified?

The main effect of 3D pop up card templates is to create excitement for the recipient. Therefore, in the process of making cards, the visual element is extremely important. In many themes, pop up card sizes or colors fall into three main categories:

  • Card stand 90 degrees angles
  • Card lying 180 degrees angles
  • 360 degree card angles 

In the past, when this card first appeared, it was made entirely by hand. However, along with the greater needs of users, they are created with the help of machines. This helps the card template have a more suitable price, save time to complete and give higher quality. 

2.1 90 degree angles Pop Up card 3D

A card template when opened at a 90-degree angle to pop up all the images inside in the most vivid way. This style is most commonly used because it is easy to apply to many different types of buildings such as houses, architecture, cakes…


Bring a feeling of surprise to the recipient.

Express clearly and vividly the geometrical images of many angles such as houses, construction architecture.

The processing is done on 1 side of the paper, making the card template complete faster.


Usually the image shown in this card template is not much because the image is only shown on 1 side of the paper.

If the opening angle is incorrect, the image will not be accurate, lacking realism.

Requires high precision in paper cutting techniques.

2.2 180 degree angles popup card 3D

This pop up card template will show the full image when fully unfolded 180 degrees. This type of card is usually made from many pieces that are cut, assembled and glued to a precise position on the back of the card.


Show large, clear and realistic images.

A variety of textures or images are shown in this 180-degree card template.


Requires higher creativity and ingenuity because they are a combination of both sides of the paper.

The machining process takes longer, so the cost is higher.

wedding invitation card


2.3 360 degree angles card

A 360-degree angles card is a card that can be viewed when the paper is open 360 degrees. This type of card we see very little but this is a very new creation created from paper cutting technique, so it is still popular.


The image is widely displayed on both sheets of paper.

Can be used for many different images.


Difficult to use, if the recipient does not know how to use it, he will not see the image that the card wants to show.


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